Social Traffic Plugin – Amazing Tool Will Drive Instant Traffic to Your Website


Social networking sites are developing day by day as a new concept of internet marketing world. With the help of new WordPress Social Media Plugin the website owner can modify their site by checking the current position in social media site. The huge traffic source can be got through social networking media by applying this plugin. The software of WordPress Social Media Plugin helps the online entrepreneurs to update the site automatically with the social media. Before launching the plugins … [Read more...]

Guide to Search engine optimization process for high ranking of website


Websites are well known as a virtual surface of any kind business. It provides the imperious attributes and easy to use navigation tools to steer from one category to another. The main purpose of the website is to attract the visitors and increase the sales accordingly. So it is needless to say that the website without traffic is useless. Hence the search engine optimization (SEO) amicable website is required to make it monetized. The prolific online presence comes from the proper SEO … [Read more...]

How to become a millionaire in 30 days with dot com secrets?


As the lifestyle modernized, the tendency to earn extra money is increasing day by day to fulfill the life in every aspect. Every people have the dream to stay lavishly in the life. Making  money is quite essential for living luxurious throughout the life. Generally all of us want to walk on the way with little effort and income. Nobody wishes to spend their long time in office to make money with frowning of boss. Now the money earning facility has widely opened in various ways. Internet … [Read more...]

Different Ways to make money online from your website


The consideration of allowing adverts to generate income is necessary to build a website or blog. There are some steps to create the way for earning. The creation of a blog or launching a website and publishing of materials on it is the first step to go ahead. To monetize the site, there are several methods for it. Here we want to present the plenty of different ways to make money from affiliate marketing, products related advertising, selling links and services and many more. 1. Pay Per … [Read more...]

How to write blog post to attract more traffic?


Sometimes the blog post may be written in casual way. There are no certain rules and forms to write the blog post. But to monetize the blog there are some technical strategies to develop a blog post. The proper customized blog post helps to engage the readers and increase the sales. The popular post may attract more traffic than casual content. The blog post should be strategically written and relevant to get the effective result. Some technical parts are essential to maintain the blog post. … [Read more...]

How to promote your products or services through affiliate marketing?


Customers are the main key factor of any kind of businesses. The profit and loss depends on the purchasing quantity of the customers both online and offline. The main objective of the business is to attract the eminent customers to the products and services. Then affiliate marketing acts like a secret weapon to spread the products and services to increase the sales properly. Affiliate marketing is something different from traditional business marketing. Besides developing the quality of the … [Read more...]

How to write SEO friendly content in your blog or website?


The good quality web content contains two main features i.e user- friendly content and SEO- friendly content. The two features are equally important to the aspect of web content writing for getting success in World Wide Web world. The both aspects function evenly expletive to each other. But the intention of the both features is to generate traffic to the website. These are important tools to make the site trustworthy by returning the visitors. The user-friendly content and SEO-friendly … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization Services by IMC, Kolkata, India


IMC of India, a professional web design company in Kolkata, India is providing affordable search engine optimization services to small and medium entrepreneurs. Our services cover any type of sites like business websites, directories, portals and e-commerce solutions. Our Search Engine Optimization services will achieve high ranking in major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. The keywords are the key factors of website to get remarkable page rank of Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Alta … [Read more...]

Custom Web Design Services


IMC of India is the premier website designing company in Kolkata, India with full of creativity and quality services at affordable Price. Our SEO friendly  custom web design services will help to achieve the success  of your  web based business. IMC of India offers the creative and unique design sense for their customers and clients. As it is the era of cyber all people are very well known about online identity. The online presence is quite important to become a prosperous businessman in … [Read more...]

Custom WordPress Design Services


Custom website design is an effective tool to ensure the brand identity of great web presence in modern online business. IMC of India offers such an exclusive Custom WordPress Design Services to create a deep impact on web world. A successful web design shows not only the scintillating looks and pioneering facilities. It plays crucial role to play in modern concept of online trading. Custom WordPress Design Services provide all supportive materials to form a prosperous website. IMC of India … [Read more...]