6 New updates of Facebook Live video, You don’t know yet

Facebook Live

Facebook live video update is no more a surprise for the Facebook users. But along with that, do you know there are few new features that Facebook has updated recently. These updates are essential to know for the Facebook marketers and you can utilize them effectively for the Brand marketing from your Facebook page to increase more interaction and more engagements.

Here you can find the new features of Facebook live video –

  1. Live from Laptop and Desktop

Facebook has already introduced live broadcast from smartphone and they already received enough response with this feature. The extended version of Facebook live video come to your Laptop and Desktop. This will be exciting for those people who publish video blogs on daily basis.

As from the research, we know that Facebook native videos are more popular and attain more engagement than Youtube. The simple reason is that if a Facebook page has already thousands of followers, they can be attached to the video and can start engaging with the video content. Along with that, if the video is interesting, it is easier for the users to share the video with his peer’s group. So attaining virality is far easier in it.

  1. The role of Live Contributor:

If you are Facebook admin of a page, now you can put the role of publishing video to others on behalf of you.

Previously it was the sole responsibility of the admin to publish Facebook live video but if your organization has a big team for the brand management and you are the head admin of your brand page, you have the chance delegate the role of live video publishing to your team member without giving him or her Facebook admin privilege.

  1. Let’s Pin Live comments:

If your Facebook live stream has received a large number of comments and you want to rank the best comment of all to the top, Facebook will allow you to pin the best comment to the top. It will create a good impression to your video comments and the engagement will be much more.

 4. Video Permalinks:

Facebook has recently updated the permalinks for the video of the brand page. The format is like facebook.com/pagename/video.  You can check the screenshot below –

As per Facebook, if your Facebook viewers open the permalink, they can find your live video, you are broadcasting. Simultaneously, they can find your previous live and non-live videos.

  1. Cross post after your broadcast ends:

After your Live broadcast on Facebook pages ends, you can publish the same to other Facebook pages at a time. Previously, you can only cross post the video to the other pages with same business managers.

  1. Big profile video insights:

Famous public profiles like a celebrity, politician or corporate  figure who have more than 5000 followers can access the video analytics for live or non-live videos.

Profile metrics will include in Facebook live video –

  • Total time of views
  • Total number of views
  • Total engagements

These profiles will also include analytics of total 7,30 or 60 days period and –

  • Number of videos
  • engagement
  • total views
  • view time

These unique features of Facebook live stream video will open a new avenue of video marketing in the coming years. If you have any queries on the topic, just put your views in the comment section.

Good luck!


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