How To Make Animated GIF and Share Online Easily

What is GIF Animation?

Within a short span Gif animation has gain lot of Popularities. A gif animation really can bring some life to your content. This is really fun and easy to create. A GIF image is nothing but a combination of JPG, PNG files or video frames contain animation. I have compiled a list of making various techniques for creating the animated gif GIF, which I am gonna share with you in this article.

There are two ways to make animated GIF images. You can use online tools like (, or you can take help of software like photoshop or GIMP.

There are tones of Online Tools to create animated GIF. You can add pictures or you can directly upload videos to these websites and make them animated GIF.


5 Easiest Ways to Create Your Own GIF Online


This is the most popular website to make your own GIF from images or short videos. Giphy is has a good number of  GIF collections, and it also has few cool GIF making tools.Giphy also allows you to create GIFs directly from video files or YouTube links.

It has another tool Giphy slideshow maker through which you can combine your pictures and GIFs to create animated GIF slideshows. is a one of the best tool to create animated gifs and slideshows from images. It has a ‘Control Panel’ option allowing you to customise your GIF images by changing the canvas size, transitions speed and the loop time of the GIF

This is a very unique tool you can find online to create different kinds of animated GIF images. It will allow you to create a GIF from YouTube, Instagram videos

It is also a famous online tool to create animated GIF. In its home screen you will find many options. Its has webcam features and you can edit your existing GIFs with this tool also.



Imgflip enables you to create a GIF from multiple images and also turn your video into a GIF animation. It allows you to edit your GIF by adding colorful text, you can change the duration and toggling with the image size. But remember if you are free user then watermark will appear on your GIF.

How To Create GIF from Android Mobiles (GIF App)

Gif creator

Gif creator -this application you can find from play store. You can create animations using camera or pictures and share to social media by just one click.

How To Create GIF from iPhone


There is a free version of GIF maker application for iPhone users named 5seconds apps.

How to create screencast GIF


This is a  new feature in the media sharing app that can create simple GIF by screen recording. This is a very handy tool and it can create GIF animation from screen recordings, record webcam videos and much more. Even you can record screencast and create GIF from them.



Recordit is a super fast free screen recording application for Windows, it can record your computer screen and create GIF image files. GIF files are comparatively smaller in size. It is available in a free and a paid version also.

How to create GIF in Photoshop

This is the most easy process to make a GIF. To create a GIF you need to use timeline feature of photoshop. Follow these following steps to make a GIF in Photoshop.

Step : 1

Upload your images from harddrive to Photoshop and put them in a single folder. Then go to “File” then “Scripts” and load files from stack. Then, click Browse and select the images that you want to add into a GIF. Choose “OK” and a new composition will open, now just rendered as each layer in a single image. Then arrange the picture in correct sequence.


Step : 2

Click on Timeline palette (Window > Timeline ) . In the Timeline palette menu click Make Frames From Layers. You can also click Reverse Frames. This will combine each layer and make set it as an individual frame in the animation.

Step : 3

Now you have to change the duration of each frame. Ensure that you are in frame view, not timeline view. You will see thumbnail icons of all your layers in the Timeline palette, if not then click the icon in the lower right corner. Now, again back in the Timeline palette menu, click Select All Frames.

Step : 4

Click on drop down menu just below each frame image.You will find an option to choose duration there. After selecting all the frames they will set to the same time. You can change each frame as per your requirement. Then you will find a  drop down menu through which you can decide how many times the animation will loop.

Step 5

Once the frame order and timing as been set up, it is time to save the image! Click File > Save for Web & Devices, make sure the file format is set to GIF, change any other options if needed, and save the image!

Step 6

After setting up frame order and timing, then you have to save the image. First Click File then press  Save for Web & Device option and save it to GIF format.

Now try these methods and create your own GIF image. Good Luck!


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