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10 excellent examples of website CTA marketing

CTA marketing

Strategic digital marketing is an art and science both. Unconsciously, you may have experienced thousands of sites every day and miss the strategic digital marketing strategy on Call-to-action marketing.
Being a smart marketer, you are already aware of the motive of CTA marketing. It will determine the success of the website to drive your visitors to some definite goal. The interesting fact is that shuffling hundreds of sites every day; we often overlook the effort of the CTA marketer. The buying journey of the customer ends with your CTA marketing plan. Creative CTA appeals to the visitors uniquely and influences them for action.

Some examples of CTA marketing

Here you go through the various strategic CTA button with analysis. I hope that it will help you to experience the famous CTA buttons and effectiveness on one platform.

1. Evernote –

Evernote is highlighting its usp in their CTA button. “Remember everything” is the intentional tinkling to our daily habit of forgetfulness. The design of the website and the CTA content directly associate the visitors with their daily practice and the how effective the product is. The sub-headline of the CTA on modern lifestyle is intelligently crafted to serve our need. The green colour of the button is the theme extension of the website brand proposition.

2. OfficeVibe –

OfficeVibe is focussing on the better workplace idea. They have highlighted the USP in bold and explain the ease of quick sign up time. After loading of the website, the first thing OfficeVibe showcase is CTA. These are less creative CTA with the direct value proposition. The green colour is chosen in both cases to imply the user-friendliness.

3. Netflix

Now, let’s move to little more creative CTA. Visitors have the fear in the back of their mind before sign up. They think that once sign up; they cannot move to another brand by cancelling the subscription. Netflix balms their fear. They mention “cancel anytime” in their copy above the CTA “Join free for a month”. I believe that enhances their subscription for a month. The vibrant red colour is very useful to draw attention.

4. Square

To design effective CTA button, you must concentrate the background colour and image. It must reflect your brand proposition. That also have the effect on your conversion.
Keeping in mind these design components, Square has designed their CTA “Get started”. It reflects the simplicity of using their product.

5. Full Bundle:

Here you can find another exceptional way to present CTA button to arrest more attention. Just watch the website, and you can find a lot of negative space. Apparently, it seems to you more blank space with dark grey background without any information about the brand. But it is placed deliberately. The negative space has created a scope of curiosity. It compels the readers to click on the CTA button to discover the information.

6. Panthera:

This is an amazing website for the community who care for the big cats all around the world. Their primary motive is to assemble those people with similar consensus. To target that audience, they emphasise the use of the language inserting “cat lover” phrase. The web page design is simple and invites the leads to fill the form to share the pride. The CTA content has the emotional impact for the viewers to fill up.

7. Huemor:

This is quite intelligent. It plays with the reverse psychology of the viewers to click on the CTA. Just be honest. If you have seen the information with “do not press” button, I am sure that you are dying to know what happens after you click on it. This is quite playful, creating a memorable experience to the viewers with the creative CTA.


Here comes another interesting CTA to drive you to click on it. A tickling timer is always a form of suspension. After spending few seconds on the home page of, a pop-up will twinkle with “limited time offer” bait. Nothing happens when time runs out. Even the amount of $297 is the only point of attraction. The purpose of limiting the time is only to create a sense of urgency among the readers to click on the CTA.

9. Spotify:

When you reach the homepage of Spotify, you are quite sure that they are targeting the people who want pay for the premium account. So providing the free option for a limited period is secondary. If you look closely, you can find that two different CTA button – free and premium are two different colours. This contrast makes the premium CTA button more prominent whereas “Play free” is plain.
Playing with CTA marketing is completely depends upon your goal and brand promise to the customers. From the example above, you may notice the CTA marketing techniques that marketers are using to tap the viewers into a successful lead. CTA content and colour also play a very significant role to impress and project the true sense of the CTA marketing strategy. There is no sure-shot formula to play and definite win. You just carefully and creatively think about the viewer’s psychology to make it more effective.



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