5 Most Important SEO Techniques You Should Know in 2017


Are you running your own online business or you are having a website but its not coming in the first page of Google search results?

No to worry! Follow these 5 SEO techniques to get the best results.

Google ranking depends on factors like links, content and RankBrain themselves each made up of many subfactors. But these are the overall top three, officially confirmed by Google itself.

1. Don’t Ever Violate Google Quality Guidelines

google update


This is the most important SEO factor you should maintain in 2017. Google’s latest Updates and Algorithm are removing webspam links that don’t follow organic methods by using various spam techniques in order to rank higher in google search result. In 2017 don’t try to make fool google by backlinks, hidden texts, doorway pages. Google has shown strong intentions to fight against spam, so this is why make sure your website is not sending any spam signal to google even by mistake. There are lots of websites showing spam signals unknowingly like using excessive keywords, wrong placements of keywords which is called keyword stuffing etc. So check your website in webmaster regularly and if you want to check your website’s spam score you can use MOZ Open Site Explorer.


2. User Experience

user experience


What attracts me to a website is its wonderful visual design. Viewers should receive the informations on the visual design which deserves sustaining attention from visual designers. Few things you should remember to make your website looks more appealing.

Use White Space Properly:

White space makes your content more legible while also enabling the user to focus on the elements surrounding the text.

Page Speed

Slow loading of pages can hamper many things. Them most important thing of SEO Technique, bounce rate depends on it. Always use Google’s own page speed checker tool after creating any website.

Use Bullets

Bullets is the best way to enable the user to quickly get all the information they want. You can show the important topics in a short and simple manner without writing a whole paragraph.

Use Images

Internet users are getting smarter judging websites quality. If they find any duplicate content mostly duplicate images those they have seen somewhere, they will just ignore your website.

3. RankBrain

In the fall of 2015, Google confirmed that Rankbrain is the 3rd most Important factor in the ranking algorithm. RankBrain is Google’s nickname for a proprietary machine-learning Artificial Intelligence Systems that’s used to process convenient search results.

Rankbrain used as a way to interpret searches that people submit to find pages that might not have the exact words that were searched. For example, if you want to search in google “who invented the radio?” you will get the name of the inventor Guglielmo Marconi along with the year 1895. Google is getting smarter than before, it can differentiate between fruit apple and technology company Apple.

So its getting tougher day by day to optimise a website for rankbrain. For that you to do semantic SEO practices in order to help google to understand the context of your content. You should also focus on structure data and mark all the possible things on your website. Lastly, focus on the intent and not the keyword.

4. Content will rule

Content is king and it will still rule in 2017. I can’t emphasise the importance of having well-optimised content for google ranking. Few things you need to remember to optimise a content.

  • Keywords are out & topics are in. Optimise your website for user intent and not Keywords.
  • Focused on AMP and Structured data
  • Make video relevant to your content. You can’t deny the engagement value of any video.

5. Backlink



No surprise Backlink will remain the extremely important factor in 2017. It has the highest correlation with ranking , more than any other factor. Although in near future link will play a less dominant role in the future and other factors like user experience and content will become more important. But for now backling would be your no 1 SEO strategy. Original and unique content is the number one way to build links naturally. You need to check 404 errors and update broken links regularly.  Examine the quality backlinks that your competitors are creating and use their strategies to compliment your own backlink profile.



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