5 Minute Competitor Analysis in Facebook: For better social media marketing planning

Competitor Analysis in Facebook

Marketing on Facebook has become the most popular trends for the brands. Increasing fan base is good but engaging fan base is better. So advertising on Facebook may  multiply your fan base and you would be proud of showing your fan numbers but the conversion only matters. Competitor Analysis in Facebook will help you to understand the strength and weakness of your competitors. So my friends, always you have to keep on looking at the notification bar at the top to understand the number of likes, comments or share of your content determine your success as social media marketing manager.

Don’t worry. Here I teach you some simple and interesting tricks to understand the Competitor Analysis in Facebook and simultaneously improve your social media marketing strategy for more and more engagements.

As I have promised – you have 5 minutes to understand and analyze the activity –

1st Minute –

Choose your opponents – Competitor Analysis in Facebook

Before starting anything, you should start the exercise by selecting 3 competitors Facebook page. Open them on three tabs side by side and understand their fan and engagement ratio.

I want to make myself clear with an example –

Let’s compare with 3 large airlines company on Facebook

Then try to understand the numbers of fan and the engagement of the audience with the post.

How to find out the engagement?

Click on the number of page likes and find the statistics of engagements –

Now understand the next and most important step to realise the quality of the content on the page.

If you compare the engagement and the increase of the fan numbers among the three pages, you will have a fair idea.

Jet airways new page likes are pretty high compare to the other pages. So there is the probability that it is running paid page like campaign presently where the rests are not.

But if you see the fact of people talking about numbers of each page, you find out the percentage of Vistara people talking about out of the total fan is pretty impressive rather two others. Though you can find the number is biggest on Jet Airways but the fan number is also very high on Jet page compare to others. As we are talking about percentage so we need to find out the percentage result of three pages and compare them.

Here the formula goes –

Engagement Success = People talking about/Number of Fans X 100


  • Jet Airways has more number of likes
  • Jet Airways is probably operating page running paid campaign
  • Vistara page contents have more engagement


 3rd, 4th and 5th Minute: Content Analysis

This is the most crucial task and most time taking before planning your content. Before starting the exercise, you must sharpen your observation and analysis to understand your competitor strategy and measure their success. This will help you in Competitor Analysis in Facebook. Accordingly you have to plan yours and implement the same.

There are various content types in Facebook marketing  –

  • Link
  • Video
  • Images
  • Status

So you need to check which kind posts are fetching more engagement and what frequency theose content are posted on Facebook page.

First visit Indigo Airlines Facebook page –

Informative & Promotional (Don’t miss the red mark to compare the engagements)


Curiosity generating

Promotional Gimmick

Brand Reputation

Service Related


Key Take Out –

Promotional, emotional and service related posts are receiving more engagement.

Jet Airways –

Video Content

Status update

Informative Content


Service Oriented

Key Take Out:

Video content are receiving more engagement rather image or status.



User interactive video content


User engagement GIF content


Carousel Banner

Key take out:

User interactive video, and GIF are more engaging rather than the other posts

What have you learned?

  • As per your industry you must try each type of content idea in your content plan
  • Interactive video, GIF are very much successful to engage an audience. So use them frequently.
  • Sometimes post open ended content for more user interaction
  • Reply and mention your user comments
  • Try to elongate the discussion thread for more engagement
  • Understand the core essence of the brand and strategize accordingly
  • Always test mix and match of emotional, promotional, informational content
  • Use good quality human face images and video
  • Don’t forget branding on the images you post.
  • Understand your competitors’ post frequency and timing and plan accordingly.

Hope this 5-minute planning will help you to plan for your social media strategy for your brand. If you have any queries just drop a comment below. Share your experience.

Good Luck!



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