5 Solid Ways To Make Money From YouTube Channel Videos

Everyone wants to know how do you make more money from YouTube videos? Let me tell you that if you search on the internet you will find thousands of platforms to earn money from the internet but Youtube is the smartest and legitimate way to make money online. I’ve worked with two different companies, so let me tell you those great tactics.

How Much You Can Earn From Youtube

Most people think that they are getting a good amount of views, they have a huge amount subscriber so they will be able to make a lot of money from YouTube. But the reality is that this is not so important. You know a single video can make you Millionaire whereas sometimes 100 videos fail to generate a single penny. YouTube can generate around 2 $ per 1000 views, but as people are using AdBlocker software so the minimum earning you can expect around 1.8 $ per 1000 views. Though sometimes earning depend on different factors like

  • Watch Time
  • Placing of your ads
  • Duration of your videos
  • Countries of viewers and subscribers
  • Type and cost of ads
  • Audience comments and shares, etc.
  • Which devices they are using like Desktop, Tablets or Mobiles.

If you are living in South Asia like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka you can get around 1500 $ to 2000$ per month from Youtube (I think this is enough to live a standard life) by giving little extra efforts and if you from America or European countries you have to work bit harder to get more money to match up their high standard.

Here are the top 5 highest paid YouTuber of 2016

  • PewDiePie – Earned: $15 million Subscribers: 49,756,391
  • Roman Atwood – Earned: $8million Subscribers: 10,152,692
  • Lily Singh – Earned: $7.5 million Subscribers: 10,296,350
  • SMOSH : Earned: $7million Subscribers: 22,474,510
  • Tyler Oakley : Earned: $6million Subscribers: 8,087,829

Method 1 # Advertisement with Google AdSense

This is the most popular and fastest way to make money from youtube channel. If you have your own Youtube channel, you are eligible to monetize your videos with Google Adsense and if you have a good amount of viewers this can put money into your pocket. Not only Youtubers, many Vloggers also earning huge amount of money from Google Adsense.

  • What kind of Ads appear when you play a Youtube video
  1. Pre- Roll Videos ( Ads that show before playing any video )
  2. Overlay or Banner Ad ( Ads that appear on the sides of the video)

All of these ads can generate revenue if you know how to use monetization option. You will get 4 options in your video manager where you can select how you want to place your ad. Remember Pre-Roll ads sometimes get you more money (though it is annoying for the audience) as because When viewers watch those pre-rolls or click on the ads, the advertiser will be charged accordingly. There are other options also like Trueview Ads, that can be skipped and the Display Advertising.  Having all of these Ad options can get you money.


yotube earning

Youtube earning snapshot

Method 2 # Earn From Affiliate Links

So you probably know that if you are not getting hundreds or thousands or millions of views on YouTube that turning your videos or channel totally waste. But don’t feel bad, I have got a good news for you, its called Affiliate marketing. Now, what is Affiliate Marketing? It simply means selling someone’s else products or services in exchange for a commission.  Suppose you or your friend have bought a new iPhone or Tablet, just create an unboxing video with proper demonstration and reviews upload then upload it to youtube, trust me you will see how the number of views getting an increase. At that time you’re your task will be to put that affiliate links in your video description. For every purchase, you will earn a good percentage of commission from those links.

Few of the Affiliate Programmes for Youtube are :

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten
  • CJ Affiliate
  • eBay
Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate

clickBank Affliliate

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Method # 3 Drive Traffic To Your Website or Blog Through YouTube &  Earn Money

If you have website or blog and you really want to grow your business and you want to give your brand more exposure, you should have a YouTube channel. You will believe it or not YouTube is the largest traffic source. Youtube will teach you everything and help you to make your viewer’s or customers happy.

Follow these techniques to drive your viewers to your website:

  • To grow your business you always need to encourage your visitors. You can do this by offering something for free like PDF, Free Video Series, Audio downloads.
  • You can also offer free shipping or discounts on your products. Many software companies and E-commerce websites are doing this.

Offering something for free isn’t just all. You need to properly arrange your videos in front of your customers like proper descriptions with Links of your website or blog, use annotations in the right place, placing Call to Action buttons, using right keywords or tags etc.

Method 4 #  Subscription Fees

This is a latest and most appealing business model. If you have a good amount of fan base and engaging content you can ask for subscription fees to your viewers. But keep that in mind that this technique is not for newbies. If your customers are happy with your videos they will surely pay for your channel.

But creating a paid channel and keep your engaged is not an easy task and it is obvious that paid videos would be viral. So choosing a perfect niche is very important in this aspect.

Method #5  Earn from Merchandising

This is another cool way through which you can generate a good amount of money from your YouTube channel by selling or merchandising. Many YouTubers earning money from merchandising by making unique T-shirts or coffee mugs with embedded company logo. So when your viewers will buy your merchandise products you will be able to earn more money by promoting other company’s products.

But you have to be cautious in choosing your merchandise because wrong selection can divert your viewers from your videos. So if you can select your merchandise smartly it will surely become a great source of your income.

So guys before jumping into YouTube to make money you must have depth knowledge about the techniques you want to apply.


Earn From Merchandising


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