7 indispensable tools to generate Blog content ideas

tools to generate content ideas for your blog

Blogging is one of the most attractive ways of online earning. But before the sound of money, you must build your online blogging profile. It is not an easy journey. You have to research and analyze blogging topics to write an attractive piece. Blog content ideas is most crucial task before a start.


Are you still scratching your head with the next blogging topic?


You are not an exception. Most of the bloggers are suffering from the next topic syndrome. Even they start experiencing writer’s block in searching for the blog content ideas. I enjoyed blogging, but when I get paralyzed with proper blogging content ideas, it’s like unscratched itching.


I believe that it’s a common pain for all. With research  from Content Marketing Institute, I discover that “57% of B2B marketers say that producing content consistently is their biggest struggle.”

If you are writing more than seven to eight posts per week, surely you will suffer from the blog content ideas.


Don’t worry. Here are some lesser known tools to generate new ideas for blogs. You may have to polish the idea a bit to make it more perfect as per your purpose. But ultimately, that is a significant gain for you.


  1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator –

One of my most favorite tool for content topic idea generator. It is free and very easy to use. Within few seconds, you have the content topic ideas.


Here I have searched for the topic ‘content marketing’ and what I found –

So here I found out five topics to write. If I don’t like them, I can go back to the home page with the different idea of content.

You must have to try that.


  1. BuzzSumo


Perhaps you have heard about BuzzSumo. It is also one of the most popular tools for the content marketing ideas.

Apart from that, it also provides insight on the following –

  • Show number of social shares
  • Identify key sharing source
  • Showing the backlinks
  • Showing most trending content

Here I have searched BuzzSumo with ‘content marketing’ and find the result –

Here you can find other information –

  • Facebook engagement
  • Linked to share
  • Twitter engagement
  • Pinterest share
  • Google plus share
  • Total shares
  • Links

If you are paying for the pro version, you can view more features like -backlinks and shares. As of now, it costs $79 per month.


  1. Alltop

Alltop is a news aggregator. It covers all the topics from science to religion. It will showcase like the one stop information for your topic. Choose your blog ideas from it.

I have searched with the query of ‘content marketing’ and find out –

The bottom line is that for every topic, you can have tons of articles to write. Scan them properly and start writing with your targeted idea.


  1. UberSuggest –


Using UberSuggest is very simple. All you have to do is to enter a keyword, and UberSuggest will provide you a dozen. Here I have searched with the term content marketing and what I find out –

This keyword tool is more like Google keyword tool. Though it is not showing search and competition, you can have enough idea for your content strategy.

Another nice feature that you can explore is – ‘Expand this keyword.’ Here I expand content marketing strategy and find out –

I believe that it will help you with thousand of ideas on content marketing strategy.


  1. Google Trends

Google trends is another easy to use tool with more content idea generation. It will display the timely interest growth curve along with the searched queries.

It is really a cool tool to generate a content idea. You can use the tool with multipurpose idea –

a. You can browse the related topic

b. You can also search most popular and searched topic on Google

c.Find the trending graph spikes according to time


  1. Portent’s Content idea generator


Here comes the most exciting tool for content idea generation. Personally, I jump off my seat with the fun of content idea generation while using this tool. The reason behind is that it shows an interesting presentation of a content idea. If you don’t like the idea at first time, regenerate to get another killer idea. Here you find the screenshot with the search of ‘Content Marketing’

  1. Content Row


Now there is another killer tool – Content row. This tool is effective to generate link bait. trust me, some link titles are compulsive enough for you to click.

But ensure that having an unavoidable title will only pull the readers at the entrance. The real essence depends on the content information and that will generate the value of the content to the readers.

The idea is simple here. You put your topic and find out pretty interesting content title idea. Here I have searched with ‘content marketing’ and find –

I believe that those tools are excellent assistance for the blog writers.

The core of an attractive blog writing is the lucid style of writing, in detail information and depth of analysis. Hope these tools will save your time to search and you can create a most engaging blog out of it.


Good Luck!


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