7 Proven Tricks: How to increase Domain Authority of any website

All the bloggers and website owner share a common dream to be achieved. All of them want to rank higher in the search engine.

Every day millions of websites are alive on the world wide domains and among them few are successful enough to rank higher in the SERP result page. There are thousands od Google Algorithm to determine the position of your website.

But when you are talking about SEO, the most important factor that comes to mind is to increase Domain Authority.

The term itself dictates the stature: How important the factor is for your website ranking.

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If you have not already heard of Domain Authority, no worried – it is a grade or the score out of 100, developed by Moz. It determines the rank of the website on Google or other search engines.

What is your expectation?

As I have said, every website owner wants to score higher on domain authority. But the truth is – it requires dedicated work on the website content and the link building exercise. It cannot be performed overnight. You have to keep patience and follow rules to increase Domain Authority.

Know the Facts behind Domain Authority –

Though Domain Authority determines the ranking of the website but there are many instances where the sites have less Domain Authority but they are more engaging than those with higher Domain Authority.

Here you find few facts:

  • Almost 40 signals are considered to be important to determine Domain Authority
  • The better Domain Authority you have, the higher you rank
  • High ranking on search engine will lead more traffic
  • It takes time but in the long run, taste the success


How to increase Domain Authority?

Yes! the journey path may not be easy. It takes your devotion of writing good qualitative content and better link building. Still, it is not Herculean task at all. The only quality you need is patience along with consistency.

Initially, it would be much easier for you to increase Domain Authority from 10 or 15 to 30 but the higher rank you achieve, it would be a tougher challenge for you after your Domain Authority is 50 and above.

Let’s break the barrier and move ahead –

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1.How qualitative is your content?

The first step is the most basic and primary quality of your site – how much enrich your site with the quality content?

Two things that you should consider –

If content is the King, information is the Queen.

So of course, you have to post contents on your website or the blog. It may be in the form of video, writing or GIF. But ensure most important thing. How much value that you are adding with your content.

You remember the rule – you need the Queen to empower your King.

So always understand the standpoint of your reader and value their need. Simultaneously, they will also value your website and increase your Domain Authority.

A good piece of content must consist more than 800 inspiring words.

Keep in mind few thumb rules –

  • Do not copy paste any content
  • Don’t be repetitive with the words
  • Don’t go off the topic and elongate with unnecessary discussion
  • Reader needs crisp and nicely presentation to read

2.On page SEO

On page SEO plays a very vital role in the website ranking. The simple idea is to make yourself convenient for the search engine also along with the users. There are few basic check out for your On page SEO –

  • Keyword density – Don’t use repetitive keywords and use maximum 2% keyword of the total content
  • Targeted Keyword – Before writing do the analysis properly and select the targeted keywords.
  • Heading and Meta description – Though search engine has less priority to insert keywords in heading and meta description but without the attractive heading along with the search query, readers are less interested in opening the page
  • Permalink Structure – try to use SEO friendly permalink structure for better ranking
  • Image optimization – If you are using the images in the content, use ALT tag with keywords.

Please understand, taking care the SEO of your website will make your journey easy to rank higher with your domain. Never neglect that.

3.Internal Linking

Internal linking are very effective for two reasons –

  • User spend more time on your site – reading one article to others
  • Search engine crawlers crawl one page to other and distribute your Page Authority

So for the search engine and users, it would be easier to navigate from one page to other for the quest of information and the more they engage, the better Domain Authority you have

Here is the catch: make every internal link do-follow

The best example of internal linking site is  – Wikipedia

4. Generate High-Quality Link –

Link building is the most genuine and trustworthy way of increasing the reputation. But quality always tops over the quality. So never go for the bulk and cheap links. There are many sites offer you links in bulk with the good payment. They may be earned with Black Hat tactics and harmful for your site.

Link building is a time taking process. So don’t take the short cut route for success. Judge the site and the link quality before you jump in joy. Link from bad reputation domain will reduce your Domain Authority.

Now the basic question is how you can generate good quality backlinks. There are three major tactics for earning that –

 1. Social Media Content sharing –

Google considers the factor as one of the most important activity for ranking. Whenever your content is sharing on social media or achieves engagement of likes, comment or share, your content gets viral. This popularity of your content reaches to the new audience and they also respond with their opinion.

So the best tip is – don’t forget to share your content on social media, like-minded groups to generate more engagement. But don’t be a spammer. Share your content according to the context. It is the pure relationship building with the new audience without much analyzing of profit and loss.

 2. Guest Posting:

For the increment of the referral traffic on your blog, you have to be heavily dependent on the guest posting content. It is the exercise where you post o other high-quality websites to get an important backlink for your site.

There are few key take out –

  • Before posting read the terms and condition of the site
  • Always check the quality of that website
  • Avoid link stuffing or else you will get penalized
  • Use relevant links on your content
  • Don’t do too much self-promotion
  • Try to gain the trust of the readers

 3. Natural link building –

Content is always the natural link builder. If you share quality information on the content, you can find your readers are also referring others to read your content. So it would be a great traffic builder for your website. You don’t need to promote that much.

Just care for what you write. How your audience can seek value out of it.


5.  Remove bad links –

Bad links are harmful enough to lower the rank of your site on the Search Engine Result page. So it would be frequent task for you to check the links on your domain.  Remove the toxic and the spammy links and be clean so that your site should not be penalized by Google.

Many bloggers do not focus on this. But other than writing, it is always advised to be careful on the link issue. It impacts on the domain authority tremendously.

After all, why should you occur loss because of the other domains?

6.Patience, Patience, and Patience

Domain authority cannot be attained in the over night. So keep doing the activities on the regular basis. The age of the domain also plays a big role on the ranking part. The older is the better. Google values the age of the domain.

If you have purchased a new domain, don’t worry. You just need to perform the activities, as I have discussed. The result will follow. But don’t discontinue the activity if you don’t find the growing number. Your consistency and the patience are the best keys to boost your domain rank higher.

7.Frequency of content

Most of the bloggers do not post regularly and their DA fluctuates. Keep the practice regularly and that will increase the Domain Authority.

The benefits of regular postings –

  • More traffic and more revenue
  • Quality content and links
  • Better writing and analyzing skills
  • Increase trust factors
  • Increase conversion and sales
  • Generate more lead and resource for email marketing
  • More pages are indexed in Google


How to check your domain authority?

Keep on checking your DA score frequently and compare with your competitors.

The steps are –

  1. Go to Open site explorer
  2. Enter the URL, you want to check
  3. Click on search

Hope this will guide you to increase your domain authority. If you have any queries regarding the same, don’t forget to drop your comment.

Good Luck!


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