7 Social Media strategy questions, you have to answer before creating a master plan

Social media strategy questions are very basic steps that you can start before beginning your journey as a social media marketing manager of your brand. Over the time social media, as you already know has become an integral part of the brand communication of every business of the planet. But the planning and proper engagement turn to be more challenging every day with smart social network users. Since last one to two year, innovative concepts of social media speed up the competition at a rapid rate.

From a report of Social Media Examiner 2017, we come across new data on the stage. After the survey, it is found out that 49% of the social media experts monitor the page, and another 19% are quite confident about it, but the challenges come when they have to measure social media with proper tools. Only 41% of them are raising their hands.

Rather than creating multiple channels and more content, you must have to ask yourself social media strategy questions to block the loopholes of your plan. That can add more value to your effort with the smart marketing decision.

Social Media Strategy Questions #1 How social media marketing strategy assist my comprehensive digital marketing plan?

Before starting the marketing plan on social media, you have to ensure that how social media marketing plan fits with the digital marketing goal. Social media marketing is a part of the summation of your digital marketing plan. So first clear your target and consider the mileage you can have from your marketing plan and how much effort you are investing in it.

Social Media Strategy Questions #2 What is your objective?

Just ask you the simple question on the activity you are going to plan – objectives. Whether you want to increase the fan, follower or engagement, you must have the clear picture on that. Set your crystal clear benchmark and against that, your journey whether through success or failure can be determined.

Social Media Strategy Questions #3 How to measure success?

As I have explained before, when your agenda is set as the goal from social media, you can analyze the data you have collected from the campaign – whether paid or organic. You can have a lot of free social media monitoring tools to understand and interpret the data.

Social Media strategy questions

Social Media Strategy Questions #4 How to select my audience?

If you wish to communicate with the audience and asking for their real engagement, you have to understand their need, expectation and pain point. It helps you to ideate the actual market overview from your audience perspective. In the long run, an audience will appreciate your effort. You can talk to their lead team and sales generation team to understand the ground reality. Side by side, you have to check it with analytic and insight option to analyze your effort and ROI.

Social Media strategy questions

Social Media Strategy Questions #5 Type of contents audience will like

In recent times, only sharing the website will not be enough to increase engagement on your company social pages. You need to plan content ad hoc basis, and a variety of content planning strategy will bring more engagement among the audience. First, start with the analysis of your competitor’s social media pages. The next step is to follow the successful part of their strategy.

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Social Media strategy Questions #6: What information I want to share with my followers

Social media is an open platform for your brand to showcase the real potentials. Here you have the most interactive audience to communicate. Only things you require is to be little more creative. Just need to express the brand’s voice out of the box way, and that surely can create a buzz to promote. Don’t be too much promotional. Keep the human touch in your communication. It helps to hit the emotion of your customers. Surprisingly, they will keep on responding to your message.

Social Media strategy questions

Social Media strategy Questions #7: How frequently, should I communicate with my audience?

Here you have to follow the same formula of success. Keep a vigil at your competitors. Understand their frequency of update. Try to trace the pattern of the frequency of communication. Now you can create a social calendar for your content planning and frequency. Follow that but keep on A/B testing continuously.

There is no sure-fire formula for success in social media marketing strategy. It is an ever-changing process to innovate every day. There are new updates on the new strategy. Keep them trying. You will not get success every time. Keep on questioning yourself for betterment. Let’s hope for the best.

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