8 Time Tested Social Media Tactics to Bring More Traffic

Nobody can’t deny that correct Social Media Tactics can bring a huge amount of traffic to your website that can show positive results immediately. Every webmaster and digital marketing experts use Social sharing and social promotion method for their products. So using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace can give you huge credit to your website or blog. Besides writing great content you should have a strong social media presence to get the ultimate results.

Content is fire, social media is gasoline

Pinterest Marketing:


Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest can be considered as the best image-centric social media platform to build a strong presence online. Pinterest marketing allows you to reach over  70 million audiences for free. It gives you the power to connect with potential clients by use of images, private messages and videos.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

1.Pin images from your website, not from your computer.

2.Build a subscriber list and send emails to them to let them know about your services or products.

3. Follow other Pinterest users from the same niche but always remove those who don’t follow you back.

4. Make friends with other Pinterest user and create a collage with them, then pin it show your network.

5. Always choose the appropriate category for your pin.

6. Your primary keyword should be mentioned on Pin titles and descriptions.

7. Integrate Pin it buttons to your website.

8. Pin motivational images and follow the trends in other social media to target more traffic.

Increase audience with Instagram:

Instagram marketing

Instagram is another great source to bring audiences by updating visuals or graphics content.  If you have great photos and know how to spread messages through photos you can surely become successful by using these social media tactics.

Instagram Marketing Tips

  1. Use online tools like later.com for schedule posting.
  2. Track your success with analytical tools like quintly.com.
  3. Use time-lapse videos to engage more audience.
  4. Choose right kinds of hashtags to increase the impression. Use online tools like hashtagfy, keyhole etc
  5. Use other photo editing apps like fotor, canva, Gimp etc to make visually appealing content.
  6. To make your post more interesting use emojis.
  7. Write a killer bio and include links.
  8. Use Unique profile picture.

Share your expertise in Quora:

Quora Marketing

Quora marketing is really a great social media tactics to target potential target audience. You can find thousand or more people here who are just looking for that information in which you are an expert. Besides traffic, Quora marketing provides you with a solid social profile.

Tips for Quora Marketing

  1. Create a great bio that shows your passion.
  2. Before answering any question just check how many people are involved.
  3. Understand the worth of the question.
  4. Reanswer or clarify the doubts of other commenters.
  5. Try to identify engaging users and follow them.
  6. Write catchy headlines for your answer
  7. Regularly analyse Quora stats.
  8. Ask for the upvote.
  9. Use proper bold and italics and hyperlinks format.

Use youtube videos for ultimate conversion

YouTube marketing


Let’s talk about the 2nd largest website in the world Youtube. Videos are the great medium to engage people. Benefits of a well-made video are really great. Even you can earn money directly from Youtube if you get sufficient amount of engagement.

Tips for Youtube marketing:

  1. Optimise your video’s title and description with proper keywords
  2. Use proper tags by integrating different tools like VidIq, TubeBuddy etc.
  3. You player view option to organise your videos.
  4. Use annotations, cards to your YouTube videos and include links to other videos, playlists or channels, or include a subscribe option.
  5. Share your videos everywhere and include it in your blogs.
  6. Review insights and identify where to improve.
  7. Use catchy custom thumbnails.
  8. Write content based Long-tail Keywords in your title.


Become a Pro Linkedin User:

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most professional social media platform where you can actully be successful in B2B business.

Tips for Linkedin Marketing:

  1. Use videos and presentations slides in your status updates.
  2. Use LinkedIn community features wisely like joining different groups, use separate company page.
  3. Use Advanced Search option to connect with like-minded peoples.
  4. Search and join only active groups.
  5. Start your own groups.
  6. Connect your profile with Twitter.

Facebook to get instant results

Facebook Marekting


I think it is useless to give any introduction for Facebook, the 3rd largest website in the whole world according to Alexa ranking. Facebook gives you the biggest exposure than any other websites. So to be successful you have to implement proper Facebook marketing strategy.

Tips for Facebook Marketing:

  1. Content is the key to getting success on Facebook. Create great shareable content, share article or blog posts to your timeline or Facebook page.
  2. Try to share multiple formats like Gif Images, Video, Slideshows etc.
  3. Use proper call-to-action so that viewer can visit your website or blog.
  4. Facebook has brought the Live video option. So click on the Live button and connect with online visitors and ask them to visit your website.
  5. Make your Facebook page engaging and fun. Post inspiration quotes and humorous quotes to make shareable content.
  6. Watch Facebook page insights to monitor which kind of posts are performing well and also check at what time people are getting engaged more.
  7. Use Facebooks latest features like Facebook open graph and Instant Articles.
  8.  Share your contents in different groups with proper hashtags.
  9. Personalise your URL.

Google Plus to rank higher

google plus marketing

Everybody has heard about Google plus but only a few number of webmasters actually know how to market a website through Google Plus. Truly speaking Google plus has an extra value when it comes to rank a website in Google. Google+ has over 150 million active monthly users and you can grasp these social media tactics then you will be the gainer.

Tip for Google Plus:

  1. Personalise well and use proper tags, details and introduction to your profile.
  2. Promote your Google Plus page in other social media
  3. Use visually appealing pictures for your posts.
  4. Build relevant Google community.
  5. Search for Influencers With Hashtags.
  6. Use Google Ripples to See Who is Sharing Your Content.
  7. Use Google Circles to Segment Your Audience.
  8. Use Google+ Collections to promote your brand.


Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing

Twitter is on of the biggest community of connected and interrelated people who are using this platform to spread their messages. You can share about your business, your brand, or whatever products and services you are offering. So Twitter marketing is most crucial if you want to reach foreign customers.

Tips for Twitter Marketing:

  1. Make Twitter like conversational by giving the response immediately.
  2. Use different online tools to select trending Hashtags.
  3. Use emojis, Gifs, Images to make your tweet stand out of the crowd.
  4. Use different tools like TweetDeck to check follower and whom you need to unfollow.
  5. Use URL shortener tools to include links in your Tweet.
  6. Use schedule post option of Buffer and HootSuite.
  7. Write an awesome bio with hashtags.
  8. Check trending tweet and post accordingly.
  9. Maintain a suitable time for the tweet.

If you can utilise these social media tactics effectively, then you don’t have to wait to get the positive results.


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