7 Tricks of How You Can Target Country Specific Traffic

Hello Folks!, online earning at present times has become a new avenue of income but simultaneously, there are more SEO strategies and restrictions are configuring your amount on the paycheque. So following the most natural and honest way of income is safe side for a long time. As you know getting the genuine website traffic at your content is the crux of all the strategy, but the geo targeting plays a vital.
For example, if you are searching for the US and UK website traffic on your blog for more conversion, better purchasing power online and more amount in the adsense earning, you are absolutely right. But you may be in a different country and geo targeting the US and UK traffic for your blog. In that

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case, you must be little tactical to drive the audience.

Your site has different ranking in your country and in the world. So naturally, you can compete better at your region far better rather than international competition. For example, Flipkart is a renowned e-commerce site in India. If you check the rank comparison in India and Global, you find the difference below.

So geo targeting US and UK traffic is fine but side by side, if you are targeting the audience of your own country, you have the possibility to face less competition rather than international. But keeping in mind your adsense and affiliate income from the international audience, here I have mentioned few SEO strategies to fetch more traffic from the other country as well.

The way to drive country specific website traffic

  1.  Domain Name:

Domain name plays a vital role to bring country specific website traffic. Top level domain names like .com or .org are always better for the international presence. But country specific domain names always generate more trust among the target audience. For example, you can find many Australian bloggers choose the domain name in .au or US bloggers are searching for the domains in .us. This is only to gain the trust of that country traffic. The domain .au ranks better in the Australia Google and similarly .co.in in India or .uk in UK have the privilege to rank better in the country.

Though there is a disadvantage that if you have country specific domain names, for example you have less Indian traffic on that domain. Alternatively if you have TLD like .com or .org, you have the advantage of all the traffic internationally but little difficult to target country specific traffic.

Before choosing the domain names, you have to be assured that if you are concentrating on a particular country or want to present on the international market with .com or .org. Accordingly, you can buy country-specific domain or the generic TLD.

You can buy cheap domain names from various sites like Godaddy or Namecheap.

  1. Web Hosting Server Location :

Another significant option for the country specific traffic is to take your web hosting server location in that same country. For example, if you are targeting US based website traffic, your website server is preferred to be hosted at US. Similarly, if you are targeting Australia, you must purchase your server location there.

  • U.S.-based servers: Bluehost, SiteGround
  • India-based servers: Bluehost India.

There are other factors like CDN (Content delivery network) benefits your site to perform faster at some particular country. But you need to stay focus on the country specific hosting as per your targeting country. It helps your website to load faster at that country because of the server IP and search engine bots will determine the location of the server.


  1. Backlinks

At the very beginning of Google search, the Search Engine determined the quality of your sites with the number of backlinks you have. With the course of time, there may be many changes but the importance of backlinks is significant. You must search for the country specific backlinks to earn more trust of the audience and the search engine.

For Example, if you are targeting Australia, you must target more backlinks from Australia based websites. Alexa will be very helpful for you to search out popular list of the websites in a particular country. This strategy is very effective to get more important backlinks for your website.
You can try for the guest blogging in that particular country specific blogs or you must go for the blog commenting properly. If you can effectively follow the process, you can have effective results without fearing of Penguine penalty.

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  1. Content Level Targeting

Targeting through content is the most important SEO strategies for driving traffic. If US audiences come to your site, it is very normal that they are expecting the writing style and content keywords as per their expectation. So it will be difficult, if you hire a writer, writing in Indian standards but you want to target US audience with that content.

Not only in the content but in the meta tags and meta description and even in the title you must use the country specific keywords for the better targeting. If you have the generic domain names like .com or .org but you can follow the country specific writing style and keywords, you can easily attract the country specific audience.


  1. Local SEO using Google place

For the generic blogs, you may skip this idea but you have the service blog or e-commerce website, you must follow this strategy for the geography specific traffic. Before everything, you have to register in Google Places and update your business information like address, phone number etc.  Google will verify your address location and that proves the authenticity of the business.

You can also create social media profiles in various local citation and provide your business details for more local links.


  1. Submission to Local Search Engines and Directories

For country specific backlinks, submission to directories and SEO strategies are absolutely necessary. The backlink submission exercise to your website is important because primarily the local searcher will get the reference of your website according to their respective query of product or services and backlink from reputed directories will help your site to rank better in the search engine.


  1. Use Google Trends

As I have mentioned earlier, searches in particular geographic area varies from one country to another.

Country Based Traffic


If you search in Google trend with the keyword “Flipkart”, you can find the trend above. As you see, India searches is more than the other country. Similarly, if you are targeting US, you have to ensure your content topic should have most searches from your targeted geographic area.

The next step is to find the content keywords targeting the location and then craft your content accordingly.


Track Your Keyword Progress in Country Specific Region –

If you are a serious blogger or want to earn money from the traffic from a particular country, you have to track the keyword progress in your target country. Accordingly, you have to change your content strategy to gain more traffic.

You can use SEMrush to check the keyword ranking in various country.

Whenever you are writing content for your blog, you have to prioritise your targeted country at the top. You must keep that balance with the point I have discussed earlier.

If you follow any method to target specific country, please let me know at the comment section of the blog below.



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