#7 Unique Features of AdWords PPC Campaign to Improve Your Business


Do you set up Google Adwords but not getting the desired results?  Here I will give you some quick Google AdWords tips which I often use to grow sells. If you implement some of these Google AdWords secrets you will definitely have more success in PPC. These methods are fast and easy to grasp. So read this guide become more profitable.

Google AdWords is a very useful ad managing tool. If anyone thinking about doing business online or running a successful website he/she must use Google AdWords to attract a large segment of internet traffic.

  1. Choose the Right Customer Match

Google AdWords Customer Match enables you to show ads to your customers based on information about those customers that you share with Google accounts. Customer Match is one of the best advertising tools to increase brand awareness to driving performance. For example:

In YouTube you can target similar audiences so that your videos get the right kind of viewers. This will definitely increase watch time and visitors.

  • On Gmail, achieve your clients or similar audience of people with customised advertisements at the top of inbox tabs.
  • On the Search Network, optimise your campaigns by adjusting your bid based on what you know about your customers’ activities
  • On the Search Network you can customise your campaigns as per customer’s activity and you can set the bid accordingly

Customer match feature allows you to upload a customer email list that Google will use to target customers. Those customers will be able to see those ads when they will use Google services. This can be a great way to get started and to target your existing customers.


  1. Provide More Information with Ad Extensions

ad extentions


AdWords extensions provide the chance to add more information to your ad than the basic headline, URL, and ad copy you’re usually able to use. This extra information will make your ads look different from others, which automatically will lower your CPC and increase conversion rates.

Ad extensions develop your typical ad with extra information. This feature will increase your visibility, accessibility and ad responses. Ad extensions will allow people to call your business directly from contacts you provided in the ad. After implementing this options you will see how much more information your customers are getting from your ad. Extensions also helps you to add extra links to your website and reviews that have been posted about your business. Even, there are extensions that let you focus a location and link to your app so customers can download it. These extensions will really make your ads more successful.


  1. Most Important: Call-only Campaign

call only ad campeign 


Call-only campaigns is the best way to driving and tracking your ads. But remember Ads created in call-only campaigns will only be visible on mobile devices that are capable of making calls.

A call-only campaign allows you to add your contact number to your ads so that visitors can call your business directly. If you are mostly concerned with grabbing customers and directly deal with them, then this would be really helpful for you. It is very much needed for local businesses that rely on phone business, like restaurants or other services where customers call directly to the provided phone numbers in the ad.


  1. Make Your Content Better With AdWords Editor

adwords editor


The AdWords Editor helps you to manage your ad content better. AdWords Editor is a free application you can download and make changes offline to your ad whenever you needed. This is very useful for accounts with multiple campaigns and long lists of keywords or ads.

With this application, you can edit, undo and redo any changes and move around from ad to ad easily. You also can see different sections of your account all on one screen. Moreover, you can use the bulk edit feature to manage your ads.


  1. More Focus On Interest Targeting

Google allows you to target audiences according to their interests. This feature can enable you to customise your ads more successfully. You can target those visitors who are looking for the same kind of products you are selling on the internet. You can also target your ads towards people who has similar interests. For example, if you are selling computer keyboard, you can target people who have recently bought a computer or bought other related products

This useful option allows you to reach visitors based on their exact interests as they surf web pages, apps, channels, YouTube, and contents. You can select from a wide range of categories like sports, entertainment etc.


  1. Latest App Promotion Ads

app ad


Google gives you several types of ad campaigns options for promoting your business. There is an option to promote your business with android application through Play Store and Search Engine. To create this kind of application you have to use your google account. You can encourage people to download your app. These ads will take users directly to the page for your app when they click on them.


  1. Use Ad Customizers

This is one of the cool features and can really grow your overall AdWords ROI. Ad customizer enables you to set up your ads so they are customised to whatever a visitor searches for. By these features will improve your experience and allow you to make AdWords work better for you. Lastly, you will drive relevant traffics and be able to achieve your goal.

With these methods you don’t have to wait weeks or months to see results. If you can set up a campaign properly you can see the results much faster.

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