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I appear in online in the name of Putul Kundu and started my career as data entry operator in a SEO firm. I learnt several jobs during my tenure in service and I had indebted to that organization for getting exposure in web designing and online marketing side by side knowledge had inspired me to launch Internet Marketing Company(IMC) and start own digital marketing  business. Now, I am in a position to help for changing your line of activities in your present business by inducing new money making opportunities.

I can also develop your online business by relevant ideas, leadership and motivation.I confirm that your business will get impetus by innovative ideas and will yield instant results. Now I have started digital marketing blog for giving information about video tutorials,help,advice and information on search engine optimization,social media and ppc and much more.

To start online business, I strongly believe that you have to build a strong online platform. For this purpose, I encourage to create website or blog on wordPress platform. The interested online businessmen will enjoy full support how to use WordPress plug-in or add-on or widget and application of WordPress CMS design and development which are very popular choice in web marketing business. Now, I shall describe how to monetize website or blog doing business in online.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Marketing : Social marketing has changed the advertising pattern beyond all recognition. I shall teach how to find right people and ways to influence them, how to moderate conversation to attract them and how to act quickly for satisfying them. Social marketing campaign is popular because you are getting opportunity to leverage 3rd party resources. Social marketing can develop your sales irrespective of brand. I shall give you full exposure how to interact with online people for selling products and services for achieving predictable ROI.

PPC Management :  There are many online marketing strategies are available but I have realized that only some of those are using Pay Per Click search engines though it is very effective in online business. PPC management systems or Pay Per Click management systems can attract targeted visitors in your websites and it is easy to convert them into sales. I shall teach how to bid relevant keywords or keyword phrases at affordable cost and positioning in content of webpages and adverts. The visitors  click your adverts will be directed to your webpage.

Mobile Marketing :  Mobile Marketing is a very popular and useful tool for new and existing business owners. Mobile technology will give opportunity to contact with consumers directly for conversation and the application of Short Messaging Service (SMS) will be great help for promoting products and services. I shall teach how to use mobile campaign as an online tool. I shall give full exposure how to prepare SMS messages for getting attention of receivers.

Video Marketing :  Video marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for attracting potential clients. Videos generate call to action (CTA) messages. I can give ideas how to prepare clear and creative copy. This will serve your guide for deciding content of videos. You have to attach high-definition quality videos in webpages or blogs. I shall give a clear picture how to attach videos in adverts for getting attention of visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one kinds online marketing to attract targeted visitors originating from search engines. The search engine marketing determines your success in online business. I concentrate how to teach interested people search engine optimization techniques both in offline and online. The search engine optimization techniques include designing of optimized logo, template of websites, keyword research techniques, SEO content writing, exchange of links and creation of backward links using article marketing and blog posting.

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A digital marketing enthusiast, a vivid blogger. I have juxtaposed both of my passion and profession together. Let's make blogging a fun. Enjoy reading and want to listen from you too. If you like the information I post, don't forget to share it with your friends tooSharing is Caring. Happy Blogging.