Beginner’s Guide for Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Did you know?

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More than 205 Billion emails are sent every day all over the world. Average office employees receive more than 100 emails per day. And unfortunately, human attention span has been reduced to 8 seconds after 2000, it is found in a research that a male has better attention plan rather than a female.

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Where the preference go?

Whatever is the numbers of the emails that we receive every day, we have the basic preference to open the emails what we like to open. Let me clarify it with an example – if you receive three emails – one from a friend, one from a colleague and other from any company, you have always the preference to open the first two. Because you know those persons intimately and so you care for their communication. On the other hand a promotional mail in your inbox does not look that important to you until it provides a value.

Now being a successful email marketing guy, you must have always search to provide the value to your customer and create a relation step by step. Only that is the possibility to hit his inbox, not the spam.

What are the biggest challenges with email marketing strategy?

Effective email marketing strategies are not easy to master. It takes time by testing various ideas and analyze the success rate. Actually, there is no fix formula of success. It completely depends on the industry, customer base and the marketing plan of the brand.

For the beginner, the real challenges starts –

  • Planning and strategizing email shooting plan
  • Human touch communication
  • Not to land on the spam
  • How to start
  1. Addressing People by their names –

Whenever you are sending your mail, you must send it personalizing the mail. It works. The audience feel the importance after being addressed. Among hundreds of emails, you can get the attention. In the Email marketing software like Mailchimp, you have the option to feed the name and surname of the users along with mail id.

You can import the excel sheet or can individually feed the name and surname.

For the bulk mailing, you cannot write individual body copy for every user. So the addressing everyone would suffice. But if you manage to insert some personal info in the body copy too, that would be much better.

  1. Try to put compliment to the users –

Along with the name mentioning, you must be complimenting to the e-mail reader. Everyone loves to get the compliment. Even you can start the subject line with the compliment. Always keep in mind the fact – your email must not consume much patience of the users. At the first glance of the email whatever you have to impress him/her will determine your success.

So your subject line: “I think you deserve the best assorted” will be the better version rather than “Click, open and discover the best”

  1. Value Offering is better than dumb sales

Always remember, whenever you are beginning a new relationship with your customers, never start selling on the first day. Email marketing strategy is always creating a long-time relationship with the customers. So initially communicate them by providing some value. It can a free e-book download or some tips.

For example, if you are a mattress selling company, your first email could be on the topic of better sleeping tips. It would be always recommended to create a calendar of email sending list. A monthly routine will help you a lot to strategize.

  1. Create Emotion –

Emotion is the backend decision factors for the human being. If your email is creating human emotion, there is nothing better like that. Emotional decision making can be triggered as per your industry and product line. If you are dealing with child care products, you can deal with anxiety, fear or love on your content strategy.

Emotion and the Call to Action on the same email template design sometimes works perfectly for more conversion.

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  1. Good emails tell you a story

People love to listen to something which he can relate to his circumstances. So they love to listen to the story and you can sell it.

You might have noticed that television commercials cook a story before telling about the product. The same theory is applied here.

But always remember, never deviate from the brand proposition. It will be dangerous. You can keep an emotional cliche with your story to make your call to action more effective.

Here goes an example –

Source: Shoutmeloud

Email marketing strategy is a mixture of art and science. You have to understand customer mentality and proper tool of email marketing. Always remember, starting a long time relationship will be easier for you if you initially don’t consider the financial profit at the very beginning. Talk to your customers, listen to them and then approach to them their needs. This win-win situation builds more trust for your brand and your customer becomes your brand evangelists. What could be more success for you?

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