Blogging Tips: What kinds of blog topics people like to read most


Whenever we sit to write a blog our mind gets crowded with so many things. We stared at our computer screen and think how to get more readers to our blog. After some time our focus gets diverted from the main topic and starts hopping around on different ideas. Some of the questions that knock our mind are

  • What are the popular blog topics?
  • What kind of people will read this?
  • Is this topic can bring a lot of traffic?
  • How will be the look of my blog post?

Everything I will discuss in this article.

Below the illustration will show you what are the favourite blog topics everyone like to read.


blog topics


But among them all time hot topics are:

  • Fashion blogs at around 50k monthly searches related to fashion.
  • Food blogs are in the second position with around 15 k searches within a month.
  • Travel blogs are growing day by day. Monthly searches around 10k.

So the big question is what makes a blog post engaging and what factors are needed to keep a footprint in every reader’s mind?

To be a successful blogger you really need to be a Niche Expert:



Truly speaking there is no short cut to becoming a Niche expert, but this is not that tough, though. It is very much essential for a blogger to provide detailed information about the topic they have chosen. If you can prove yourself that you are the master on that topic to the audience then they will come to you again and again. Becoming a Niche expert needs time and it needs to follow these steps:

  • Find out the right topic
  • Research and Research
  • Follow other expert’s blogs
  • Hire an Expert
  • Try question answer sites and forums (like quora) to become popular.
  • If possible buy some books on your topics and read.

Which Content Format are most effective for blogging?

Blog post is not just writing an article, it is more resourceful than that. Don’t drag the content to make it big but use different file format like images, graphs, infographics to make the blog more compact. Suppose you are cooking a dish for your family member to impress them. So the most important thing is the ingredient.

Exciting Title & Heading: Use keyword at the beginning of title and headings so that google bot can crawl it easily.

Infographics: Infographic shows information graphically and creates more impact than any other content. Good thing is that you can share this in many places like Pinterest, Google Plus and other infographics sharing sites to drive more traffic.

Meme: Make your blogpost humorous by putting some meme. People love to laugh and if it really funny people will share it, which is a great benefit.



Video: Videos are a little bit tough to make but if you have the little bit of knowledge, you will be the winner. A well-made video can give you explosive results.

Ebook: An Ebook can be a complete solution for your readers if you can represent your content properly. An Ebook is a downloadable content, so you can share it anywhere and writing an Ebook provides a good impression and strengthens your authority in your niche.

Podcast: Podcast is a fantastic way to gather knowledge without wasting time. People often use it while commuting or doing some boring work. Podcasts are easy to make and easy to digest.

If you keep these things in your blog post properly then you have already won the half battle. Now coming to the main topic that is Blog Topic. At the beginning I have given you an idea about monthly searches, now choose your favourite niche to write but before that just go through the below points which will connect your reader to your blog psychologically.

What kinds of blogs people search the most

A blog should fulfil your reader’s thirst. First, you have to pretend yourself as a reader and how you will search in the search engine for your requirement is the key to write a successful blog. So getting into the reader’s mind is the ultimate weapon to win this game. I know a blog can’t satisfy everybody’s need but you have to represent the blog in such a manner that it could become a useful handbook for everyone. Here are some most searchable blog types you can find.

How to blogs

The word “How” has a significant importance in search engines because when we want to know anything we use this term a lot. Just choose your niche and research to create “How to” question and write a blog to answer it and try to cover all the topics to make our reader delighted. Try to give as many bullets so that people can easily scan your whole post. Some examples are:


You will often see blog titles starting with Beginner’s guide or advanced guide etc in search engines. There is always a value of a detailed guide blog posts. Try write step by steps with related screenshots and clear subheadings for better understanding. Implement perfect keyword and tags metadata and at last, give a conclusion.



This is a very challenging topic and if you can write it correctly getting successful will become very much easier. Interviewing celebrities and successful people in your niche is a great way to boost traffic to your blog. Ask open-ended questions to your experts that can help your viewers to know something new.

Product Reviews:

Product review blogs get quick engagement if you target it perfectly. These kinds of blogs really bring awareness to the readers. People will ask you question regarding your products and you have to answer as soon possible. There are few advantages also like many companies will contact you and send you free samples to use.


Your Opinion:

This is a little bit tricky because if you are a newbie people will hardly show interest in your opinion, though if you have already become popular in your niche your followers will definitely read your opinion. If you are in starting position you can choose topics like politics, movies, sports etc to get the traffic.


List blogs always get quick attention because these type of blogs are resourceful. Any title that contains the word “List” gets extra attention and at least people scroll up and down to your blog to get the list. Good thing is that these kinds of blogs are easy to write and takes less time. Some examples are:

Case Studies

Writing a case study blog post is not an easy thing but it can bring prospective reader who can become your customer. A case study should be like narrating a story and it should touch your reader psychologically. You have to also include some research data to make it more authentic kinds of blogs. A well-written case study will surely appeal your followers.

A great blog post needs lot of efforts and I hope this post will help you. Good luck and happy blogging.

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