Which Point and Shoot Camera You Should Buy For Excellent Photography Within 20k

Point and Shoot Cameras are a loving item for those who like to travel and take stunning pictures on their trips. People only talk about DSLR cameras but more and more people are taking interest in point and shoot cameras for its lesser price and excellent features. Sometimes this type of cameras like Nikon Coolpix B700, Sony DSC W830, Canon IXUS-285 beat the high-resolution DSLR cameras to some extent.

What exactly is Point and Shoot Camera?

According to shape point and shoot camera is much smaller in size and more portable that you can carry it in your pocket. Most of the point and shoot cameras have a tiny sensor and fixed lens that you can’t change like DSLR cameras. Though this type of cameras has many other useful features like autofocus, filters, auto mode settings etc that can fulfil your requirement well.

Reasons to buy Point and Shoot Camera?

  • These fixed lens cameras are a perfect tool for developing your photographic vision and ideal for those who are just starting their photographic journey.
  • These cameras are small in size and fit into your pocket easily.
  • You’ll get great lenses, high resolution, fast shutter speed, auto focus and image stabilisation options that will really produce great results.
  • Good battery back up.
  • GPS enabled
  • Face and smile detection
  • Lower price
  • Fixed lens. So you don’t need to carry big sized lenses with you every time.
  • Easy to operate.

Some Disadvantages

  • Image Quality is not as sharp as DSLR cameras because DSLR cameras have more megapixels.
  • You can’t make a blurry background like high-end DSLR cameras because the focus is not too powerful.
  • You can’t change lenses as these all are fixed focus.
  • Zooming quality is not as good as DSLR cameras.

Things to check before buying Point and Shoot Cameras

  • Image Quality
  • Megapixels
  • Image Sensor
  • ZoomMemory
  • Memory
  • Weight
  • Battery Life
  • Technical Features
  • Video Quality
  • LCD Display

How to use Point and Shoot Camera Perfectly?

Many photographers have this mentality that good quality photos can only be taken by using a high-definition and bulky point and shoot cameras, but this is not true. If you can explore each and every option of P&S cameras you will surely give a tough competition to professional photographers. The good think is that you don’t need to carry massive lens or tripod, just go out and take some pictures and change setting to see the results. Most P&S cameras have 3 orientation mode Portrait, Landscape, and Auto, check all 3 orientation to bring the variations. If you want to take photos of any object like macro lens just focus on the object and the background will automatically become less prominent. If you want to take picture of a scenery then always keep the landscape mode to capture wider length.

Below some of the best Point and Shoot Camera, I have chosen for you. These all are affordable and can take awesome pictures.

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