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Knowing  your customer’s decision making process is a very important thing for an online marketer. But its really not an easy task. Study says that 63% of marketers use different tools to measure traffic  but most of them gets unimpressed and  dissatisfying. Though there are definitely enough space for improved and unique tools.  I am going to explain you about a must have tool for you in this article. If you want to measure the clicks on the page and aggregated click heatmap Crazy Egg is the perfect tool for you. Everyone knows that Google Analytics is the best tool for qualitative analysis though if you are running your own business website or if you have your own blog Crazy Egg is the must have tool to increase conversion and to know customer behavior.

Why You Need Crazy Egg

If you see almost every business owner has faced this challenge that they have perfectly optimised website, a good amount of traffic though he is not able to achieve his goal and it really sucks!  A resemblance you will understand, is if you planted a carrot seed in your garden and didn’t water them, nourish them and clear the weeds around, you would not get an expected harvest, likewise if you are running your own business without having in-depth knowledge of your customer you will not get the results. Crazy Egg is a kind of application that permits you to create heat maps and track your each and every visitor’s click. Earlier Web heat-maps were used principally to see the measure of a website page that was most often viewed and additionally highlight sections that users don’t seem to be interacting with.

Landing Page Is Important For Your Business

It is a simple web page where a visitor lands on. But if you are online marketer or business owner you have to think with advertising perspectives, then a landing page refers to a standalone web page which can always help you to get more business. Crazy Egg allows you to preview each session a customer visit to your website and track their cursor’s movement. So you will be able to diagnose every single problem


Get the actual Insight of Clicks

Crazy Egg’s scroll mapping tool demonstrates how far down your visitors are looking over and when the close the page. So you will be able to pinpoint those portions in your website where you need to improve. You can also observe various sources of traffic so that you can focus on your target areas.

Various Analytic Reports of Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg generally produce two types of Heatmap :

  • Click Heatmap
  • Scroll Heatmap

In a simple way it measures the movements of your mouse and actual clicks.

Moreover,  it also gives Overlay and Confetti reports. The overlay report permits you to examine the number of clicks on each element of the page and the confetti report helps you to decide by differentiating through referral sources.

How To Install Crazy Eggs

  1. You need register first
  2. Once you register you will be asked to add a snapshot, where you have to write your URL which you want to track. I am giving a snapshot for you.
  3. After that, you have to install a JAVA Script page on your desired web page.

Incase of wordpress there is an official heatmap tracking plugin for you.

Now I am going to give you a Brief introduction of Crazy Egg’s unique features.

Unique Features of Crazy Egg

Heatmap –  To Know User’s Interaction

This little tool will help to visualise hotspot areas of your webpage.

  • It show’s you where your website vistitors are clicking or not clicking and help you to understand how your CTA is performing.
  • Which Product USP’s attracting more people. I must tell you this observation is very important.
  • How far users scrolling to your website. This also signifies user’s interest. If they scroll at the bottom of the page then it is possible to convert him to your customer and don’t for to put

CALL TO ACTION at the bottom of the page.

Scroll Map – To Know Visitor’s Interest

Scroll map displays how far a visitor scrolling. It can answer many questions of yours about user’s interest.

  • Which product description getting attention of visitors and which are not
  • Which CALL TO ACTION performing well.
  • How much time a visitor is spending in your site. Remember lightest areas are the hotspots and darker areas are not getting the attention of visitors.

So after analysing this you will understand what are the best spot to place your CALL TO ACTION button. Majority people think that within the middle of the page is best because customer’s psychology says at the middle of the page they can get valuable information.

Confetti Map –  To Know Different sources

With this map tool you will be able to differentiate by segmenting through referral sources. It will show you a colourful window where you can analyse the different traffic sources. It actually shows you from where your visitors are coming like from Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. Moreover,  you will get to know the geographical position of your visitor and which browser they are using so that you can optimise your site properly and target the real audience.

Overlay View – To get a glimpse

Its like a watch tower of your web page. It will lay over top of your page and shows you following results.

  • Number of visitors and clicks
  • Percentage of clicks
  • Which link getting more clicks


Crazy Egg has a  30 days free trial service but remember you should have  a working international credit card to activate it. There are other plans too, below you can see the snapshot of different plans. As per my recommendation you just start with basic plan then you can move on to other plans.

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