Get more Views/Earn money: Learn the secret of a successful Youtuber with Tubebuddy

Creating and publishing video on the most popular channel of the planet may be one of your passion. Perhaps you have started a channel and wonder like many other channels, why it is not getting viral. What are the algorithm running behind the Youtube channel to make your video more visible and viral?

Yes. Of course, your video must have the quality to attract more viewers and create interest among them but some techniques while uploading the video will increase your visibility to make it popular. Here you need the help of an external software to analyze your video and improve it with Youtube search engine friendly.

One of the most powerful video marketing software is called Tubebuddy.  it is the powerhouse of countless features to improve your video and get more viewers. The good news is that it works with normal youtube interface and in the free version, you can have a lot of important features.

If you are planning to earn online revenue from Youtube video marketing, Tubebuddy is the best mate for you.


Tubebuddy Features –

  • Works inside Youtube – It adds menu inside your Youtube account for easy access
  • Tag Explorer – Tags are most important for the easy searchability of the content.
  • Publish to Facebook – A unique feature which allows you to upload video directly on Facebook rather sharing the Youtube video.
  • A/B Testing – It helps you to determine the best title, description and meta tag for more searchability of the content
  • Best time to publish – You can view the analytics to find out the publishing time best suited for the most view of the video.
  • GIF generator – You don’t need to create GIF from the video separately. It assists you to do that
  • Brand Alerts – You will be notified if someone is mentioning your channel
  • Competitor Scorecard – You can vigil the competitor’s progress
  • Description Promotion – You can promote one of your video descriptions
  • Lots more – There are much more features to make you happy for your video improvement. Click here to know more

You can install it on the chrome browser.

In the app extension of chrome, you can add it very easily.

You can find it on the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Once you get your channel properly linked, you can have the dashboard like this below –

Tag Explorer –

If you have the knowledge of SEO, you may be aware of the keyword research tool. It assists you to select the best set of keywords to increase the searchability of the content on the web. The same concept is applicable to the video marketing also. Here you have to research for the right tag of the video to increase the ranking and discovery of the video content.

Here you can insert the keyword tag that you are searching for and Tubebuddy will search for you.

Publish to Facebook – Even in a bulk

You perhaps know that videos, updated on Facebook are achieving more view and shareability on very fast. So sharing your video directly on Facebook is absolutely a prudent option. The good news is – you can directly upload your video in bulk also on Facebook using this software. “Bulk publish to Facebook” option is your time saver rather uploading individual video.

A/B testing –

Another powerful feature of this video optimization tool is – A/B testing. In the first upload, it is difficult to determine the best title and description for the video. Until you can reach the best, the visibility factor of your video is low. So it would be a trial and error method to find the best title or tag or description of your video. This tool provides you A/B testing feature to help you on the same to maximize your video views.

Best Time to Publish –

Another most important factor for publishing your content is perfect time. You must analyze which time of the day you have maximum views of your video.  Publishing your video at that particular time will help you to achieve more views. Tubebuddy assists you with the excellent analytics tool to monitor all the details of the traffic. Here you go –

Brand Alert –

Here you can find a useful feature to receive alert about you and all your competitors. It assists you to strategize your content planning and stay top of others. The brand alert feature is an advantage for you to know whenever people mention your channel.


Tubebuddy Pricing –

Tubebuddy has the different pricing features for the beginner and amateur video uploader and the serious earning option seeker from Youtube. You have more features as per the membership plan you go for. In the free plan, you can be acquainted with the functionality of the software but whenever you are planning to generate more revenue from your Youtube channel,  you must go for the higher plan.

In the free plan, you may miss some important features like Facebook publishing and bulk link processing. Even searching of the tag is also limited in the free version. But that is quite important for the serious Video SEO on Youtube and earning option.

Don’t worry, you can have some coupon code here to get a better discount for the subscription below.

In my suggestion, if you are not a very big channel, don’t invest must by paying at legend planning first. Start with the Pro planning understand the features and then go for the higher price planning.

Our coupon code will offer you 25% discount on the subscription.


Final Take Out –

Youtube video marketing and earning is a new generation opportunity on the internet. You don’t have to invest for the website or the design or don’t require too much knowledge on SEO or content marketing. Earning from Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing is far easy on Youtube. But still, it’s not an easy money. You have to take the idea seriously and Tubebuddy will help you a lot to understand the mechanics of search engine to make your video more search friendly.

Take few months subscription. Learn the technique. Earn with confidence. For any queries or comments, reach me in the below comment section.

Good Luck!




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