How 360 degree video works in Social Media to generate Business

Are you a constant monitor of social media? If not, you must follow blogs to be aware of the new changes and the impacts of them in Social Media Marketing. The advantage of a trend follower at the beginning is always helpful for him to use the best practices. It offers you an edge over the competitors and sky-rocket your business with the proper understanding of the trend and strategy. 360 degree video is that future of enormous possibilities.

No more theory. Let’s come to the point.

Do you aware of What is 360 degree video?

Recently, you may have notice a unique type of video on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. It seems to be as if you can touch the image and move it around, as if, you have the live experience to be there. This is called 360 degree video.

How amazing! You perhaps wonder why is it so? And being an online marketer, you might have to rub your palms to search for a new strategy to implement. Don’t worry. We’ll brainstorm a lot to understand the process and the implementation of it to fetch more traffic for your business.

You can easily leverage your brand with the 360 degree video by expending $500 or even at free of cost. But before everything, understand the process.

How do 360 degree videos work?

To snap 360 degree photos, you just need to take the shot with the panoramic mode in your smartphone camera and upload it through the Facebook app. It will automatically detect the 360-degree image and on the right side of the image, you can find a globe icon.

360 degree video

For your easy understanding, I am sharing you the link. Here you can experience the view of Facebook 360-degree images and Videos . This image has been captured by LG 360-degree CAM with the price of $109. You just need to push a single button for the snap and hold  the button down to capture a video.

Now, let’s go a little deeper to understand the process. Each of the wide lens of the camera captures 180-degree image and they are digitally joined together to create a complete view of 360-degree angle. When you are operating the camera, you will be also in the image because the images are stitched together with 360-view. To avoid this, you must have a tri-pod and a remote of the camera to operate this from a distance.

Apart from the LG model, you can have higher end camera to shoot in HD format. Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera is the market leader and starts with the price range of above $300. Similarly 360Fly comes at the range.

How to snap 360-degree images free?

If you are little short on the budget and don’t want to expense for the 360-degree images, you have the option too. But it performs slowly because it captures one image at a time stitch all the images together to complete 360-degree image.

It is Google Street Video App. It allows you to capture the images manually and then you can share them Facebook or other supporting platforms of 350-degree images.

What are the platforms that support 360 degree images and video

The popularity is increasing for the 360-degree video but presently Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are supporting this format. It means that if you have the video, you can directly upload it on those social media. But in the other social media like Instagram, if you upload them, it will be displayed as flat.

Don’t get disheartened. The trend is coming in the near future and your advantage is most of the marketers do not know how to use them effectively on the social media to drive more engagement. Being an early adopter, if you can strategize your video marketing plan wisely, you always have the first advantage among the competitors.

Apart from the social media, you can integrate the images on your website with proper plug-in (you can use wp-vr view for WordPress)

Which industry use 360 degree images and video for promotion:

For few industries, 360-degree images and video are essential to promote their product and service to the customers. For example – real estate, travel or video games are very promising for the 360-degree marketing. Here you can find video on different industries –

Car Sales –

Lexus is one of the early promoters with 360-degree video.


Travel –

Quantas airlines created a unique experience video with 360-degree


Video games –

Japanese game developer SEGA launched the trailer of the game in 360-degree


Movies –

Conjuring 2, horror movie sequel launched its promotional trailer in 360-degree


Shopping and Lifestyle

Bodyshop introduced a promotional 360-degree video in their outlet in Dubai mall


How 360 degree video works in your social media strategy –

From the example above, you can find out how 360 degree videos are effective in various types of industry to promote the experience of the product or the service. So whatever is your industry, you must choose your promotional experience with your audience most effectively with the 360 degree. You must understand that it is more into experience sharing with your audience. So whatever, you show there, you must create the WOW factor with the visual experience.

Not only in brand exposure but various events, training program the utility of 360 degree video and images are indispensable.

Key take out:

  • Showcase your brand promise properly
  • Unique presentation to your audience with WOW experience
  • Use proper device for shooting HD quality
  • Understand how the other industry is utilizing the experience

Hope the information will be beneficial to create a strategy on 360-degree images and video for your industry. Let me know if you have any queries.


Good luck!


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