How to design best landing pages for more conversion

The landing page of the website is the most crucial factor for you to drive the traffic to your website. Not only I am talking about the design but the functionalities also are equally important factor to fetch data and analyze your website functionality and consistent improvement. Whatever type of site you have, be an e-commerce or a software selling, first entry of your audience on the landing pages is the most important impression creator.

Designing best landing page is not easy. There are mainly two reason – first, you don’t know the coding to customize it and second if you solve the first by hiring a developer to develop that also does not solve the issue. because you cannot analyze and optimize your landing page again and again without a consistent investment.

Let’s break the riddle. You have chosen them A for your website landing page. You paid to the developer for doing that. Then you find out bounce rate of your landing page is not satisfactory at all. You have to redesign again by paying it to him. You change it to theme B. But still, it is not working. The most important part is until you do constant A/B testing, you don’t know what works fine.

So rather than consistently paying to the developer, you have an option of choosing a landing page service provider.

That is Leadpages.

Here you have –

  • High quality landing pages for better conversion
  • You can customize the design whenever you want without coding knowledge
  • You can measure conversion on your page


This conversion may come in form of –

  • Someone has purchased anything
  • Someone enroll webinar
  • Someone provides email by downloading tripwire
  • Upselling by optimizing thank you page
  • Taking and measuring action on particular customization

and the list grows…

With my user experience, I can provide you a detailed review of Leadpages and simultaneously provide you a long list of same service providers with the price comparison.

best landing pages

Leadpages has everything that you require for the landing page creator/

Drag and Drop –

It provides you drag and drop facility to integrate any feature on your webpage without coding knowledge.

Lead Capture Pop-up –

You can easily create lead magnet pop up form with this feature on your content or your blog. You can also create timed or exit pop up. It will increase your conversion rate more than 30%. Find the screenshot below –

SMS Opt-in code –

This is a unique feature. Here the customers can opt in through their mobile SMS to join in a webinar.

A/B Testing

This option will help you for experimenting on your landing page and optimizing it to increase your conversion. Without the knowledge of a coder, you can integrate various feature and opt in form and drive the engagement of your visitors.


Mobile Friendly Design

As per the new algorithm in 2016-17, Google prioritizes, mobile optimized website design. Leadpages layout will make your website responsive for mobile and desktop version.


Other Service Integration

Leadpages will assist you to integrate your website with WordPress plug in and email marketing software like MailChimp, Aweber etc. It makes your website a one stop platform armed with all important features.

There are more features, you can find …

Landing Page Builder from Leadpages –

The biggest advantage with Leadpages is to customize the variety of landing pages as per your requirement. It consists more than 350+ themes with various important features and easy to install technique.

You can start with an easy template and modify it later on. The interface of your homepage can be very attractive and useful for the visitors as well as you.

This is what the basic builder looks like –

On the left side, you have all customized features. You need to integrate them by drag and drop technique. On the right side, you can find the preview of all your action and if you want to remove any feature, just click and delete.

If you want to resize the slider, you just need to drag it where you want.

You can change the font, color and size very easily.

To add the element, you just need to drag them from the left panel to the right section.

To collect the backend information, you have to select ‘where you want form data to go’ and find the form submission by the users. Similarly,   if you want to build an email list, you can integrate Leadpages with MailChimp or other email software so that your email lists will automatically store there.

Leadpages Lead magnet tool

Setting up Lead magnet tool will fetch the contact details of the visitors on your website backend. It is very easy to set up. Even, if you want to standard, pop-up or exit intent pop up you can do it easily.

Leadpages Pricing

Now check out the most important factor before investment on Leadpages – It’s about pricing. As I have already explained about the benefit and utility of Leadpages, you may have understood the worth of it for your website to drive and analyze more traffic.

The pricing of Leadpages is less compare to the other similar service providers. If you pay for a month, it would look little costly for you but if you go for one or two years subscription, your monthly payment is comparatively low.

You can lower your cost by partnering with 2-3 people and opening 5 sub-accounts. It is a good solution for you to reduce your single user cost. But this feature is only available in the advance plan.

In short, if your website is not a directly earning site, you immediately stop think about investment on Leadpages but on the other hand being an e-commerce or directly customer interactive site, you cannot avoid the importance of home pages on your site.






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