How to find out the best Lead Magnet for your brand to generate more leads

Knock! Knock! are you there? I believe you are my prospective customer. Would you like to business with me?

I am sure all of you know this approach will not work to gain more customer and business. As we talk personally to create a relation with the customer, the website needs also a way of communicating with the prospective customers.

Here comes the most difficult challenge. People, now-a-days are very smart to escape from the marketing trap. So to generate the list of the personal mail details is not a cakewalk.

Don’t worry. Here I show you some interesting experimental tips to break the barrier and start successful email list building.

What is Lead generation?

It’s a marketing gimmick to fetch the personal contact of the visitors through your website so that you can start opt-in email marketing to your customer database later and bring more conversion. The tactics are called Lead Magnet. A creative idea to fetch more email list to your database.

The journey of a customer visiting a website and probability to return again channels through few stages –

  • Awareness ( Visiting the website and understands about the product or service)
  • Consideration( Earn the benefit and find quite helpful)
  • Decision (Plan to take action- purchase the product or service)
  • Influence ( Spread word of mouth and influence other)

How Lead Magnet play the role?

The role of the Lead Magnet starts after the second stage. So the primary impression the website owner has to satisfy the visitor with the quality of content and visual of the website. When the customer is convinced with the information, Lead Magnet plays a tricky role. This long list of your collected leads is your ammo for successful e-mail marketing.

Learn how to create successful e-mail marketing strategy.

Always remember that you should offer something through the Lead Magnet that customer cannot deny. Here I discuss with few example of Lead Magnet with various types of industry.

Access Offer

What is the offer?

The freebie of educational materials for generating leads.

Who is the audience?

Digital marketer, Email marketer

How it works?

Digital marketers are always hunting for the material to hone up their skills. If they can find free resources, nothing can be better. It offers you free materials of study to make your email marketing more successful. Now look carefully at the design. Call to action button is in more eye-popping color for more conversion. The information as the freebie is also effective to convince the audience to insert their details.

Bait for Discount

What is the offer?

After the registration, you will have the offer of 20%

Who is the audience?

Customer purchasing lifestyle product.

How does it work?

This lead magnet emphasizes on the 20% discount after registration. It helps the brand to build the customer base information and future email marketing data collection. Though the visual and the message is perfect but there are more fields to fill up to get the discount coupon. Remember one thing – encourage the visitors to fill up as minimum information on the Lead Magnet.


Customised Service

What is the offer?

You can have customized music list

Who is the audience?

Music lovers

How does it work?

Music app users always have to search for the favorite music. Every time searching for it, is irritating. So this app offers make the task convenient. It saves your music playlists so that every time you don’t need to search for your favorite song by putting your email id. The visual reflects the mood of a music lover but the text for fill up the lead is presented in small font and not decorated attractively.

Experience sharing

What is the offer?

14 days free trial of the software and experience the service

Who is the audience?

Agency owner

How does it work?

People love to be more productive and this software offers to manage your work free of cost till 14 days trials. This will have a good user experience for the software and viewers also can feed their email id for getting it free. This is a very clean Lead magnet with a perfect combination of color.

Offer Sample

What is the offer?

Enter your email id and win a T-shirt

Who is the audience?

Website owner who wants to design on their own

How does it work?

The freeT-shirt will promote the brand of Invision and just putting an email id, the visitors can win a T-shirt. The artwork looks quite classic. It tells a crisp and clear message to the viewers.


What is the offer?

Participate in the quiz and test your knowledge

Who is the audience?

Marketing professional

How does it work?

Here the Lead magnet is little tricky. it offers you a bait to test your marketing knowledge. You may be quite interested to find the result and at the time it will ask for your email id. From the previous examples, this Lead Magnet is more effective to collect leads. The design is quite informative and interesting. The caricatures are adding a sense of humor.

Webinar Registration


What is the offer?

Attending free webinar

Who is the audience?

Digital marketer


How does it work?

This is a problem and solution lead magnet. Here you can attend the webinar free and receive study materials after your registration. Call to Action button is very effectively designed with the color combination white and yellow.

Report Download

What is the offer?

Free survey report download

Who is the Audience?

Digital marketer.

How does it work?

If your audience is searching for the video report, they can download it free with entering their mail id. This is designed with a very clear idea and the color combination is also effectively play to fetch leads.

Webinar offer in a better creative Lead Magnet

Now discover more creative lead magnet.  This is is offering the same webinar but they don’t have the close option directly. Rather they have mentioned  it in a creative way – “No thanks, I don’t want more traffic”

The challenges with the lead magnet are, if visitors do not want to share their email id, they will search the close button on the banner. There your creativity begins. You have to hold the visitors with emotional button and don’t let them go without signing up the Lead Magnet.

If you place the close banner button in a better creative way so that people start to think again before closing, you are successfully increasing your conversion 3-4 times than usual.

Key Take Out

  • Understand your business and customer pulse
  • Create the best bait through lead magnet
  • Don’t ignore the color combination of CTA button and the banner of the Lead Magnet
  • Design the banner close button creatively
  • Start the Lead Magnet time after 10-15 seconds your visitor. It provides ample time to your visitor to understand the site as per their requirement. Otherwise, your bounce rate will increase.

Don’t get confused with the variety. Understand your industry and the audience. Research the similar website lead magnet and analyze as I have done. It is an A/B testing but end of the day it is the bait for your traffic and enriches your database with treasure. Let me know if you want any queries.

Good Luck!


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