How to get social media influencers talking about you (Beginner’s Guide)

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Are you a social media expert or planning for a career in social media? At the initial level, you must have learned to create the content planning on social media and analyzing report. But your job responsibility is not still complete. Being a social media manager, your next level task is to hunt for the social media influencers to ease your task of spreading the content. These social media influencer marketing has become the central strategy for your brand promotion.

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Once you find the lead to social media influencer marketing, your marketing strategy will turn to be autopilot mode. The influencers will promote your brand word-of-mouth viral marketing throughout social channels. The process will give you an immense advantage reach out the target audience with a laser pointed accuracy.
Before the exercise, you have to understand the brand journey and vision. It will clarify the brand goal to the influencers, and that will help to accomplish their mission. You could include that in your social media influencer marketing planning.
In this article, we want to cover the most important aspect of social media influencer marketing. You must understand the reason and effectiveness behind the exercise –

  • Why you require social media influencers
  • How to identify social media influencers
  • Let’s create campaign for social media influencers

Who are the social media influencers?

Social media influencers are the power users of the internet. They help you to promote your content all across the web. They may be successful bloggers or industry experts or reviews who owns the trusted channel like a blog or social media pages with millions of followers.
For example, if you are targeting food industry, you cannot ignore –
• Food critic
• Popular cook’s Instagram account
• Bloggers who write for food recipe
• Food judges
• TV chef personalities social media account
When you are selecting social media influencers, keep it in mind that, they have to be more trusted figures. If you are a customer and planning for purchasing any product or service, you always have to choose the review from someone you trust.
After a survey from A.C. Nielson, they come to an inference that almost 33% people are influenced by the media advertisement but almost 90% people trust their peer recommendation before making a purchase decision.

Why do you need the Social Media Influencers –

As explained before, your primary task in social media influencer marketing activity is to strong the bond of peer recommendation about your brand or the company. If you already have the communication with the influencers, you have the jewels. Your brand is enriched with millions of loyal customers to upsell and cross-sell.
Reputation plays a very big role over here. For example, Ryan Patterson has shared a post on Instagram. That post immediately manages to gather thousand of likes.

Few reasons to hire social influencers –

They reach to core demography –

The primary reason to target an influencer is that he is capable reach the core demography of your target market very easily. As a brand, if you are going to do it on your own, it is not an easy task. You have find out the chosen form millions of social media users. That also can cost you a fair amount of money for a paid ad campaign in Facebook or Instagram. Rather than that, hiring an influencer is the easy path. They already have live followers to interact on daily basis. It makes your task quick and hassle free.


Influencers build good relationships –

There is a debate on the role of brand advocate and influencer. Some marketing experts think that influencers will promote your brand for a shorter duration of time whether brand advocates spread long relationship. But you need to understand that advocates are spreading the words for their own trust on the brand and influencers are appointed by your brand to promote.

Brand advocates are the happy customers. Whatever happy they are with your brand experience, they have the limited reach because they are not maintaining relationship online like the influencers. The influencers have social media skills to laser target the audience delivering your brand promise.

Influencers inject SEO value –

Influencers are very effective to enhance your site ranking with the linking from their site. From SEO perspective, that is quite beneficial. According to a research report from MOZ, Google always prioritizes the links from the domain and page level keywords and content. The Quality of the links always determined by the type of the content and the quality of it. The social media influencers are very effective because through the social sharing the engagement of the content brings a higher value.

How to identify the Social Media Influencers?

I hope that you are pretty clear now about the role of the social media influencers for your brand promotion. But still the problem remains. How do you find the social influencers? Before interacting and engaging with your social influencers, you have to research a little to find out the perfect influencers.


BuzzSumo is very impressive tool to reach out the most trending topic on the web and side by side most popular writers and influencers. It will help you to discover, measure and monitor content trend and accordingly you can plan ahead.

BuzzSumo will help you to sort out bloggers, influencers, companies and normal users. It is the tool for you to find out the experts and in the next phase, you have to communicate them to talk on behalf of your brand.


As you already know that Linkedin is the professional social media networking tool. Here you can select the industry of your preference and communicate with the experts to talk about your brand. The most influencers in the Linkedin group always have the advantage to create an engaging discussion thread. It becomes the boon for your brand to generate more awareness to real people. All you need to do is to search the keywords or phrases.

Don’t try to be spammy or desperate about your requirement on the groups.  Start the habit of –

  • Like and share the influencer’s discussion thread
  • Engage with them with meaningful message
  • Explain your requirement to them
  • Share a win-win situation with them

Before influence the influencers, you need to understand the topic in details. It will also create an impressive image about you.

Twitter –

Twitter is an exciting platform to target the influencers. Here you have to locate the right hashtag and keep on connecting with new influencers. Your continuous effort and updating tweet will increase the strength of your profile. With the advance search option in Tweeter, you have more laser pointed targeting to your audience.

If you require more help with Tweeter advance search, you can check the Tweeter search operation cheat sheet.

Tweeter analytics is very effective to understand the mileage you have generated with your content. The more you can circulate your content, you can find more engagement. Ultimately, that will draw more traffic to your website.

How to build the campaign with the social media influencers?

Once you understand the process to find out the influencers and connect them. Your next task would be to create a campaign planning with the influencers power on the web. Before building your campaign plan, you have to select the goal you want to achieve with that.

You can ask the influencers to start a campaign with –

  • Guest blogging
  • Affiliate Program
  • Asking for product reviews
  • Sponsored posts

Rather than focussing into standard advertising and investing lot of money, it is always smart decision to promote with the influencer marketing strategy. It looks natural and genuine feedback on the product or the service quality.

It must be win-win

When the social media influencers are working for your brand, it is obvious that they are also expecting something from you. It may be tangible or intangible. Ensure that they might also get some benefit for reviewing your brand. It only keep them motivated with continuous practice of promoting your brand with a positive impression.

Let’s get start –

Creating an insightful analysis of a brand is not easy at all. You have to maintain a long time relationship with the social media influencers to develop a permanent influencing channel. If you are misusing or abusing with them, it can be a backstab for you. A negative publicity will be really harmful to your brand. Don’t open that loop of a bad relationship with a social media influencer.

Hope my tips and ideas will assist you to promote your brand without investing much more money on the promotion. It is cheap and highly effective for conversion. Let’s get started.

Good Luck!

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