How to improve organic search engine optimization in 14 minutes

organic search engine optimization

Being a digital marketer, improving organic search engine optimization of your website is always nurtured in your brain to fabricate new strategy for website optimization. You are the magician with all control over Panda, Penguin, Pigeon or Possums violation of your site and carefully maintain the guideline to avoid penalty. Your constant effort of content marketing and link building strategy is really appreciable for organic search engine optimization technique but you may have missed the most common gray hat tactics to stay ahead in the SERP ranking.

An area which most of the digital markers overlook is the CTR of the website traffic that actually converts. You may pour all your effort to bring the six digit number of traffic on the website and overlook the CTR. In that case, end of the day, you wonder why your product or the service cannot meet the target line.

Though Google has not confirmed that CTR is the direct ranking factor but a Google engineer in SMX West in last year present the slide below. It proves the significance of CTR in ranking.(slide 30)

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]

I believe this recommendation will surely improve your traffic conversion on your website with the better click-through-rate and the process of organic search engine optimization will be easier to achieve.

First Step – Identify the pages with low CTR rate –

Open your Google analytics and go to  Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages to find out the CTR of the pages. Download the excel or the CSV report. Identify the pages with the most traffic and low CTR.

Here you get the list of the pages where the content needs to be modified.

organic search engine optimization

Second Step – Better title tag for organic search engine optimization

For better organic SEO, the title tag is important to magnate the viewers to enter into the main content of the page. In the year of 2014, Google has changed the limit of the title tag to 512 pixels and later on that has been considered with the character limit of 60. But recently it has been modified a little. That pixel limit has been set to 600 pixels. It is almost an increase of 17%.

You must include high priority keywords in the pixel limits. The real challenge is that pixel based limit is hard to guess rather than character based limit counting.  For example, ‘W’ or ‘Z’ takes more space than ‘I’. I strongly recommend that if you are inserting the keywords in the title tag, always justify it with SERP Preview Tool  . This tool will assist you to visualize your listing with the look of title, URL and description.

Third Step  – Let’s make a compelling meta tag

To write an interesting title tag, you can follow the first page of the newspaper. The title is interesting and yet informative. You can evoke emotion with the successful title and that makes the reader read the content. Here you can find an example –

Tips for the compelling title tag

Don’t forget to insert your keywords in the title tag. Consider the user perspective first and then go from the SEO perspective. Here are some good examples of proven success of title tag –

  • If you are providing some solution through your content, always mention the number. ex – 7 quick tips for best organic SEO.
  • If your content consists a video or presentation, mention that in the title. ex – 10 secret ideas for search engine marketing (Infographic)
  • Special characters are an advantage but maintain the context and balance.
  • Mention price or discount
  • Timely relevant content is effective – 12 discounted mobile phone before November’2017
  • Use a headline analyzer tool

Description Tips

Along with the title, don’t forget to write an attractive meta description. It must be interesting persuasive and informative enough to convince the readers to enter in your site. Don’t be very obsessive about the keywords but you must go with the natural flow of the content and believe me; that’s more effective to fetch more traffic in the process of organic search engine optimization.


Step 4: Web page with enriched snippet

Structured markup data -Schema has become the buzzword for last few years. It is search engine friendly coding with your page that makes it more unique. It increases your page CTR and conversion. Your page stands out of the competition.

It may be a number of reviews, price or stock availability that increases more credibility for your webpage.

Some most powerful rich snippets on music, video content, events and more content can be enriched with the snippet tool and make them more popular.

Google has its guide to Structured markup, Testing tool and Data highlighter which are the great resource of learning and testing for you.

Hope these short time tips and tricks can assist you to make your content more visible and stand out of the competition. If you want to add anything or have any queries, let me know in the comment section.

Good Luck!




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