How To Write a High Quality Guest Post To Get Backlinks For Your Blog

What is Guest Posting?

If you are looking for some high-quality backlinks for your website or blog then only guest blogging can give you instant results. Guest post to any website not just get you a backlink but help you to build your online reputation which is far more beneficial than backlinks. Writing a guest post to other high authority sites can truly bring a surge of traffic to your website.

Why is Guest Blogging Important for your blog?

  • Increase Traffic: Every website owner wants to attract more visitors to their website or blog. Guest blogging helps you to share your blog’s link to other high authority sites which have a huge number of traffic. If you get the chance to get do follow links then you will be the gainer because do follow links get crawled by google bot and help you to rank faster.


  • Good Reputation: Writing in your own blog and writing for other’s blog is a totally different thing. Guest blogging will give you the chance to interact with other blogging experts and readers. You will see gradually increase in the number of followers. You have to constantly connect with them to build a good Reputation.


  • Quality Backlinks: Backlinks are the main reason for a website to appear in search engine results. The more quality backlinks you have the more DA and PA and Alexa ranking will improve. Guest Blogs allows you to share 2/3 backlinks to share which has great benefit.


  • Knowing the current trend: You will find a lot of sites on the internet accepting guest posting but they all have some criteria’s to meet. If you are a beginner, then you may have to face rejections but don’t get disheartened. Each rejection will help you to know the requirement of the companies or current trends. This will surely help you to enhance your writing skill

How to Find Guest Blogging Platforms?

Finding the desired guest post sites with the perfect niche needs some research. Even after selecting the website it may happen that your article or blog fail to match their criteria. Experience guest bloggers can show their previous work to the webmasters but newbie writer will have to face a lot of hurdles. You can check this article to find the correct guest posting sites list for your niche.

How to start guest blogging at your niche(with 150+ site List)

How to write a high-quality guest post perfectly?

Brainstorm to write something unique:

People read blogs to learn something new. Being a blogger you have to come up with unique ideas. If you see guest blogging guidelines of renowned blogs you will find that your article has to be unique and creative. Get ideas from social media, Google trends, news to target larger audience. Here is a list of techniques to find great blog content.

7 indispensable tools to generate Blog content ideas

Write high-quality content:

Your guest post should be an evergreen post so that people find it interesting for years. You should write a post in such a way that a newbie writer also gets some idea to cultivate something new. For this, you need to provide high-quality unique content that is free from grammatical errors and gives a clear message to the reader. Check this article to know more about content writing strategy.

Top #6 Secrets Of Best Practices For SEO Content Writing


Use statistics, images and case studies:

Don’t make your guest blog boring. You always should provide statistical data and images because these elements influence human brain a lot. It also enhances the readability and helps to gain the trust of readers. Images, data, charts, infographics, gifs not only gives a better look but helps you in social sharing platform where you can attract more visitors. You can also include case studies because this thing helps the reader to take the right step.

Be honest:

Always be honest while providing any information in your post. Don’t give any false data or statement to make a longer guest blog post.

Link Your Site:

As an SEO content writer, you should remember which post of your blog got the maximum views. Link your popular blog post to guest blog author section to create more impact on readers mind. While mentioning your website links to guest blog make sure it is relevant to the topic. While the reader will reach your blog they should get useful information so that they visit your site regularly.

Some Extra tips

Check the comment section regularly:

To become familiar with other bloggers you should communicate with others in the comment section. You will get lot of comments if your guest blog can provide useful recourses. Don’t avoid them and try to give at least one reply to each of them.

Promote your guest blog in social media:

Besides building high-quality backlink you should share your post link to social media, forums, discussion sites to generate relevant traffic.

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