How to write content like a professional: if you are not good in English writing


English was never my first language. So starting content writing and earning from the blog was always a challenge for me. But I discovered the secret to overcome my weakness and here is my confession.

I manage to speak English but writing a long content is not my forte. So when I was interested in the blogging, I understood that until I can master on the common communication platform, I could not reach out to the people and never engage them in my thought process. Then I started developing my proficiency in a smart way.

If you are in my shoe, you can understand the process more effectively. Even if you are an average English writer, you can improvise a lot after using these tricks and tips of the content writing.

There are two major parts of successful online writing – First, mastering on the topic and second, deliver the idea in the most presentable way.

You have your own expertise. So the topic, you must choose should be the strength of your knowledge. For that, you have to work out by yourself by reading the other experts and improvising their analysis with your own brainstorming.

Let’s concentrate on the second point –

You might not be able to speak or write like a native English speaker. But vocabulary, grammar or spelling are the basic technical aspects that standardize your content. You can at least convey properly your thought process to readers. Digital content is global. So when you write correct and legible English, people can accept your thought and it does not matter much if you are not a native English at all.

How to write correct English with Grammarly-

As I said, grammar and spelling are the backbone of the writing. So if you are confident about your writing skill, you can install Grammarly as the best assisting tool.

Then you can sign in after installing in your system and sign in to use. This is the free version with limited features.

If you go for the premium version –

How easy is Grammarly to use?

Grammarly is very easy to use for the errorless content production. It is like Google doc where you can write the content and start analyzing or upload your word document for the content checking.

You can install in the system and you can integrate it with MS Word and even with your browser.

In this case, even if you are writing an mail through Gmail on the same browser, Grammarly will point out the errors.

How much Grammarly help you as a writer?

Whenever you are making a mistake in the writing, Grammarly will show you the error and explain the issue with the solution.

It will help you to identify:

  • Confused preposition
  • Spelling error
  • Overuse of passive voice

Sometimes, while typing I have many typo issues or wrong prepositions. Consistent monitoring with Grammarly, I have not only rectified the errors, it also develops my sense of the grammar.

I am also aware of my occasional mistakes of squinting modifier.

Other useful features for the writers:

Grammarly helps to check out multiple document types – blog posts, article, business documents and so on.  Even Grammarly identifies certain types of phrase as formal or informal for various documents.

Another important aspect is that they have very helpful customer service; very quick to reply to any query.

Grammarly has also a plagiarism checker which I have turned on and it is very useful to check the academic documents or review them. Even you can change British and American English with features of Grammarly.

For whom Grammarly is good for?

If you are a student or a blogger and English is not your first language, you surely need this useful software for assistance. It will help you to check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistake faster. Both free and premium version are useful for you if you need to start frequent writing in English.

But ensure that you should understand the mistakes you made and you must have the basic knowledge of English grammar and sentence construction.

Should I pay for the Premium version?

Now you may be little dicey whether you want to pay for the software and use the free version. First I believe you must have the experience for the free version of the software to understand the full functionalities initially then you will understand if you want to explore the premium version.


  • Excellent online grammar knowledge
  • Line of Defense for the author
  • Useful for new writers



  • If you go for the premium feature, have to play
  • Not replacement of human proof reader.

So before using Grammarly, you must have considered the facts that you have already developed the knowledge of Grammar. If you have to write content occasionally, then surely go for the paid version or else go with the free one. Don’t forget to integrate it with your browser or the MS Word.  If you don’t want to pay also, go for the free version. It actually gives you a big help.

Let me know if you have any query on the same.

Good Luck!




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