Keyless Door Lock: No Key, No Tension, an amazing invention

Keys are used for locks during centuries. We are quite habituated to it. But simultaneously, facing a lot of problems of losing the key and duplication. The new generation keyless door lock has changed the scenario. The keyless door lock is secure and tension free for you. You can easily access them from your mobile apps. But before purchasing a keyless door lock, you have to know the complete mechanism to get confidence in the new-age technology.

The brand that brings you this revolutionary technology is called Noke. You can call it world’s first Bluetooth enabled keyless door lock.

How does it work?

Noke has been designed in a very simple way. You just need to install Noke app to your Android and iOS device and this keyless door lock will automatically find you out via Bluetooth 4.0. You just need to name your Noke and add a photo on your phone. That’s it.

When you want to unlock Noke, you just need to press the shackle. The lock starts searching for your phone. If it is few feet away, you don’t need to take out your phone or open the app for unlocking. Noke will automatically detect your phone and unlocks itself.

If you wish to limit the auto-unlock feature or close the range of the phone location, you can manage it from your phone app. What you have to do is to press unlock button and tap on quick click code. You can be assured that even if you at the close range of the lock, someone else cannot open the lock making you unaware.

Option Cable and Bike mount

Keyless door lock can also be used for bike locking. You just need a custom chain and bike mount to lock it with Noke.

Protect more with Keyless Door Lock

If you have this smart lock you can easily use it for multipurpose functionalities.

Sharing; No Problem

If you want to give the authority to open the lock on your behalf, you can do it too. Noke allows secure and quick sharing. You can provide the permanent, one-time and custom authority of lock opening with your friend from iOS, Android or Window phone app.

Quick Lock Access –

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If you forget your phone or the battery dies, you don’t need to be worried. Quick click technology allows custom access code. So without your phone, you need to create a custom access code and that unlocks Noke.


Attractive: Noke has been designed aesthetically with all the balance in design. Like the other padlock, you can use it anywhere you want to.

Strong: Noke is incredibly strong. It is made of hardened steel and boron. It will stand against the toughest environment. Modern anti-shim technology is used in Noke so that the burglars cannot break or open it.

Water Resistant: Noke is designed with water resistant body. So without any consideration, you can use this keyless door lock anywhere you want.

Long Lasting Battery: All the modern features can be useless without battery. Considering that, Noke is equipped with a long-lasting battery. It can run more than a year with normal use. If you don’t use Noke frequently, the battery will run for few years. When you need to replace the battery, you will receive notification from your phone app.

Security: Noke uses Bluetooth 4.0. It maintains the highest level of security with 128-bit AES CCM encryption algorithm. Apart from this, cryptographic key exchange protocol makes Noke unbeatable.

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