What are the link building mistakes to avoid in SEO 2017

Link Building mistakes

Link building is a necessary exercise for your SERP ranking of your website. You know that already. I am sure that you have already prepared your checklist for your link building strategy. Of course, you are confident on the same. But before starting the activity, you must run your vision on some of the important aspects of the link building mistakes to avoid in SEO 2017.
If you are confident that Google penalty will be only effective when there is a major change in Google algorithms like Penguin or Panda, you are wrong. Even many of the sites are facing Google penalty whereas Google does not have a bigger update in these days.

Do you know why?

Just dig deeper. You can find out that many of the sites start spammy practices like buying links or boosting link profile, stuffing keyword, inferior quality content and so on. Not only small businesses, but the big players are also doing the same for quick ranking. If you can remember the case of JC Penny, the giant retailer who buys links as black hat SEO practice is penalized by Google.
So if you are trying to manipulate the Google, may be in short point of time, you manage to secure better ranking, but in the long run, you’ll lose business.
Another instance of a manual penalty, Google penalizes, popular guest blog network myblogguest.com. It impacts the site such a way that it is wiped out from the organic result.
It is not always the malpractice of the marketer, sometimes ignorance or the negligence that affect the site ranking. So in the case of link building, you have to be aware whereas your decision of linking will impact the site negatively.
Sometimes it may happen that you have not monitored the quality of the backlinks pointing to your site. As a result, bad links will create negative SEO impact to the site and it will lose ranking.
Before protecting your site from Google penalties, you must understand the type of the penalties Google can impose to your website.

#1 manual penalties or Spam action –

Though the penalties are coming from an automated algorithm of the search engine, still there are penalties from the human reviewers. On your search engine console, you can find Manual Action tab to find that. You will also receive email notification on the same.

#2 Algorithmic penalties

It happens when Google has algorithm update like Panda or Penguin. Like manual penalty, you will not receive any update on the penalty. Your only source of information is Google analytic traffic. Any sharp drop of the numbers can hint your mistake. Then it is your task to find out where you have violated the guidelines.
Know where Google observe to detect spammy link –
• Buy and Sell Links
• Link Exchange
• Guest post campaign
• Too much spammy comment posting

If you link building campaign looks unnatural, promotional without adding value, Google considers it as the spam links. Google will surely penalize that black hat link building tactics. On the other hand, your linking site and the site from which you have earned a link should be in the same niche. If you have an online mobile store, you cannot have the link from pet food.

Link building is the most important off-site activity. Even the social share of your content will add you enough value to your site. If you can create valuable content for your readers and they find it is interesting to share, there is nothing better than it. If you find unnatural backlinks to your site, immediately fix them to get rid of any penalty.

Fight against negative SEO -an effective strategy against link building mistakes –

If you are digging the reason of link building mistakes, you also have to be aware of the competitor’s activities. In some worse case, it may happen that your website has enough spam link to the bad sites, but you have not done it at all. It may be your competitors who can put enough spam link to penalize you. In that case, you can take the help of Google Disavow Tool to stay safe.

Offer informative and shareable content:
As discussed earlier, you have to create valuable content for link building tactics. You genuine piece of writing is a treasure for all natural links. Try to avoid –
• Automatically generated content
• Low-quality guest blog posts
• Thin affiliate pages

Guest Posting is not dead –

It is an effective way of link building strategy. The better backlink you can fetch, the better SEO ranking you will develop.
When you are building your link profile, don’t target to get too many links at a time. Obtain your credit slowly, wisely.

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