How to locate my car with GPS – Smart GPS locator for Car with Car charger/Car Battery Monitor/Mileage Tracker

Where have you parked your car? It’s a big parking ground. Thousands of car are already in the parking lot. You don’t know how long you have to walk to reach near your vehicle. Are you alone? If it is a deserted place, you must be concerned with little safety. Don’t worry. GPS locator for car gives you a permanent solution to your concern.
GPS locator for car will not only assist you to find your car. It is a perfect device to monitor your car battery when it is under performing or need to be replaced. From your phone, you can measure business mileage for IRS reporting. It is also the most equipped car charger of fast charging any mobile device with Qualcomm 2.0 technology.

How is GPS locator for car working?

• Just you need to install the app on your Android or iOS device to track your car location
• Even it will remind you a parking meter alert when the meter timing is going to end
• It is lifetime free

It supports Quick Charge 2.0

• It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
• Green LED flashlight when charging
• It’s smart device technology detect the mobile device first to charge it at faster rate
• For maximum use, you can charge with an OEM cable or nonda ZUS cable

Car Battery Health Monitor

• Actively monitoring your car battery
• Notify you when your battery is underperforming

Mileage Log Basic

• Record mileage automatically
• It is very easy to generate and export mileage log

Support family share

• Sharing your parking location to your spouse or family
• You can stop sharing at any time
• Lifetime free
This GPS locator for car is a multipurpose advantage. With a nominal price, you can rely on the device for your safety and convenience.

Let’s move to some quick Pros and Cons of GPS locator for car:


  • Qualcomm 2.0 is really fast to charge your phone
  • You can load the mileage to use for taxes
  • You can track your car if it is off also
  • With Window phone also, the app is compatible
  • You can pair multiple phones with ZUS app
  • ZUS primary features has no paid subscription


  • If your car is stolen, you cannot track with this device.
  • No SIM card slot for anti-theft tracker


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