How to make your kid smarter: 5 best robots for kids

Being a smart parent, it is not always easy to take a smart decision without the knowledge of everything. Especially when you are combing in the market for the best companion of your little-loved one, you can find the market is already brimmed over with a lot of video games and sports gadgets. You are confused because you are worried about the impact of the violent video games on your kid’s mind. If it is completely educational, your kid may get bored easily. In this dilemma, you need to search for an instrument that can teach your kid with interactive fun. It will wipe the stress and intelligently understand the emotion. Artificial intelligence has turned science fiction into reality. You can go for best robots for kids. Can you remember the Disney movie Wall-e, a robot with emotion? When you are searching for the best robots for kids, you can have now something more intelligent to accompany.

Here we are sharing 5 best robots for kids –

  1. Cozmo

This little pie is interesting and creates a big buzz in the artificial intelligence kids toy section. Cozmo is next generation play robots with super cool AI to understand and interact with your emotion. It learns thing quickly and with your mobile app, you can talk and interact with it like a human. Even it shows advance facials recognition to react with all your actions. Being a game playing machine, Cozmo is offering more interactive and intelligent gaming experience to the kids. It is compatible with iOS and Android with free apps.

Ages: 8+

Applications: AI, Games, Robotic friend

  1. Sphero 2.0

Sphero 2.0 is the second version of the intelligent ping pong ball. It is equipped with a brain, beautiful light and bunch of cool features. You can pair Sphero 2.0 with your Android or iOS and connect via Bluetooth. Kids can control this spherical robot and can do truly amazing things. It is powered by induction charging and internal smart robot. It will make you amaze with million of colors. It is waterproof, pet proof and ready for any interesting activity. The mind and body of your kid will exercise with Sphero 2.0. It is considered to be one of the best robots for kids.

Ages: 5+

Applications: RC, Games, Outdoor, Programming

  1. BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

If you are Star Wars fan, it seems to you the coolest robot on earth. BB-8 is completely controlled from your smartphone. This little robot is intelligent enough to recognize and respond to your voice. It can record holographic video and perfectly moves with its artificial intelligence. More than a playing machine, this robot is more interactive to your kids and encourage him/her with the joy of Star War.

Ages: 5+

Applications: RC, Games, Outdoor, Programming, Star Wars!

  1. Orbotix Ollie

If you are searching for some adrenaline rush with speed and adventure, Orbotix Ollie is the perfect playing robot for you. They are durable and rugged for an outdoor game. With 14 mph speed, you could be really stunned with its programmed movement of flipping, spinning and drifting. This app powered robotic gaming device is highly popular among the kids.

Ages: 5+

Applications: Outdoor, RC, Games, Programming

  1. Ozobot

If you are looking for a robot that improves the logical thinking and coding power development in your kids, Ozobot is the perfect robot. This amazing robot kit is used in school for STEP lessons. Ozobot will develop programming and logical skill with fun. By drawing the various color line on paper and tablet, kids can control behavior and movement of Ozobot. It is programmed to remember 500 ways of movement with the favorite song of your child. This is truly amazing.

Ages: 5+

Applications: Programming, Games




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