Movavi Video Suite Software Review


Movavi Video Suite software may not be acclaimed as the best featured rich video editor software for the pro-level of video editing but for the beginner level, without joining any video editing software course, you can easily edit, capture or record video, audio and images on Movavi Video Suite excellently.


For the beginner level, when you are searching for an easy video editing software, Movavi video suite will satisfy your expectation with its clean looking user interface, easy navigation and more than enough features to edit and modify the video.

Now you may doubt when you are paying already for a video editor software, why shouldn’t you go for a software with a big brand name or pro-features to edit your video with more details? You must consider few points –


  1. How much you are willing to pay for a software?
  2.  what is your purpose for the video editing software?
  3. How much pro you are for the video editing?




Be sure that if you are willing to pay not more than $59 for a video editing software and you are expecting the performance as per the high-end functionality which is logically little difficult. Moreover to that, if you have the purpose of uploading the video online or social media, you do not have the luxury to upload of too big files. After all, if you are not making a commercial Hollywood movie, Movavi Video Suite will suffice for your requirement.

Now you must know the features and functionalities of the software before going to buy it.


Set Up:

To install and run Movavi Video Suite, you must have window

Version: Vista, XP, Window 7, 8, Window 2000

Processor: Intel Processor -1 GHz

RAM: 1 GB RAM for Window 7,8 and 512 mb RAM for Vista

Disk Space – 250 mb

If you are editing HD version of videos, you must have more disk space available on your system.




Importing video from most of the video format is acceptable on Movavi Video Suite. You can import HD, HDV, Cassette tape, Camera, webcam and may other sources to Movavi Video Suite. you can also record your screen and can prepare tutorials and gaming demo video with Movavi Screen Capture. It is a very useful feature to record your screen and can create your training materials to sell them online.


Video Editing:

Movavi video suite software is equipped with multi track timeline so that you can edit the movie, cut the clips, join the clips together, impose some special effects and so on. Movavi may not offer you that wide variety of transition effect but make the software operation without any complication. Even you can adjust the color balance, noise and brightness in the movie with very easily. Here you can find an option of creating photo slideshow in your movie video and you can adjust, enhance and rotate the images to make your video more remarkable with the available features. Operating, splitting and trimming of your video is very effective in this software. it is so perfect that you can measure even every microsecond of your trimming video.

The good news is that it has also the 3D feature where you can convert 2D to 3D and vice-versa with this vedio editing software. In fact, Movavi has a variety of configuration to set up a 3D movie for a specific type of 3D glass.




Audio Editing:

Like movies, Movavi is enhanced with the audio editing program. With your perfect choice of audio track, you can create the perfect video movie with an entertaining finish. For example, you can find the crossfade transition feature to blend multiple tracks together smoothly and ability to create and manage playlist with your movie.





Movavi Video editing suite is incredibly easy, fast to the process of your video editing speed. It has the capability to process multiple functioning at the same time. You can speed up HD video editing – it generally takes a lot of time for the processing because of working with the smaller video file and later process them at the end to make it a large HD video file.

Disc Authoring:

After the completion of your movie creation, you can choose 12 types of DVD and Blue ray menu themes to make your product market ready. It will save a lot of your time for designing the theme of the menu to create the final product perfectly.



Exporting your video to a particular channel is also very important task in the post video creation session. With Movavi, you can directly export the movie to DVD or Blu-ray. If you want to update the video online channel like Facebook, Youtube, Amazon or Vimeo, you can do that directly from this software. Even creating HTML code to embed your video on the website is very easy from this software.



Easy to Use:

As discussed earlier, Movavi Video Suite does not have the complication like pro movie making software. It is very easy to operate than other video programs. The features and tools are very easy for you to master. So without any training, you can start your project as an amateur and complete the project successfully.


Help and Support:

Movavi has a comprehensive support centre to provide you all the information, you need to know. Even you have any issue regarding the software functionality, their customer care is very keen to assist you on the issue. Video tutorials and manuals of step by step guide are available online to make you more proficient on the software. Movavi also has phone and email services to solve all your queries for smooth functioning.

Review Summary:


  •  Simple User Interface
  •  Easy to use
  •  Live Screen Mode
  •  File Conversion Tool
  •  Good customer support


  •  Limited features
  •  Basic Edit tools

Our Verdict:

Movavi Video Suite is the complete package of audio and video editing tool. It may not have all the pro features for professionals video editing but if you are just the beginner in video editing for websites like Facebook, Youtube etc. it is the most comfortable platform for you to begin. It is very simple and easy program with many features to improve your video and customise it as per the requirement.



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