Portable Summer Gadgets You Should Have to Beat the Heat

Summer has knocked the door, everyone knows how the scorching heat of the Sun in this season and it is quite impossible to beat the summer. But there are some USB gadgets and gizmos available in the market that will give you comfort when you really need. These fun gadgets are quite handy and can be carried anywhere. These cool portable summer gadgets are mostly rechargeable and cheaper in price.

Mini Desktop USB Tower Fans are built to give you cool breeze in this hot season. If you are thinking to buy a portable cooling fan or summer gadgets then you can buy bladeless desktop USB Tower Fan from Amazon. These USB Gadgets are not expensive and you can keep it in your desk. You can easily plug it into the USB port on PC, laptop, notebook, power banks. They really look great and compact.

Fruit infuser water bottle has great advantages and it is very much important for your health. Infuser water bottles are popular among health conscious people because you can get healthy water that is a combination of fruits and herbs. You can carry orange, apple and other fruits beverages that will keep you cool in hot summer. It is scientifically suggested we should intake more fruits in summer, but it is not possible to carry fruits everywhere. Thanks to infuser water bottles that will help us to get fruit nutrients easily.

Automatic Stainless Coffee Mixing Cup is designed to drinks by just pressing a small button. Whether you want to make cold coffee or milkshake this self-blender coffee mug is must have this summer gadgets in your home.

If you like to travel by your car then you will definitely love to keep a portable chiller while travelling a long distance. Mini thermoelectric chiller by Tropicool can reduce the temperature of around 23 degree Celsius compare to the environmental temperature. You can carry two cans, fruits, small container, medicines and beverages in it. Temperate of this device ranges 3 degrees to 60 degree Celsius. The shape of this portable chiller is very compact and it works with AC and DC both.

USB fans for mobiles are the cheapest utility product among all but they are extremely useful. These USB gadgets are just selling like a hot cake in summer. You should have this tiny little fan in your pocket to get relief from extreme heat.

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