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Submitting a website on Q+A sites are now one of the latest trend of internet marketing and SEO. This is because with the gradual development and growth of the internet it has become part of our daily life now. So today, people search everything on Google and many times they even ended up by searching a particular service or topic in a question format. Say for example “How to generate first ranking on Google for my website” and so here comes the role of a Q+A site that provide information on question answer format. Therefore, we see that nowadays people used to Google more questions than generic keywords.

There are many free Q&A submission lists are found on the internet where you can submit your site in order to get better search engine ranking and traffic. As many people are Googling more questions than searching by specific keywords submitting your business, sites to these Q+A sites gives you an added advantage as per the SEO and internet marketing is concerned. Another very reason for the growing popularity of Q&A sites as the latest SEO & internet marketing trend is that these Q&A pages used to rank high on search results.

It has been noticed that the pages from these Q&A sites used to rank well in organic search results as these sites are regularly visited as well as updated by users. Here people used to share their own experience and feedback on one particular website, brands, services and answer queries of  each other.

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