How To Optimise A Website For Mobile In 15 Minutes


According to The International Data Corporation (IDC ) 3.2 billion people, or  44% of the world’s population, have internet connections in 2016. Out of them, more than 2 billion are mostly using mobiles to access the internet. So it is the time to optimise your website for mobile viewing. Now a days people are more likely depending on mobiles rather than computer’s, so you should also focus on mobile users and make sure you are catering to this market.

Check out the points below to understand what are the do’s & don’ts


  • Make Things Easier For Viewers: A mobile optimised website has to be clearly visible and less interactive. Viewers shouldn’t have to use “Zoom” options for reading. It should be more or less like reading an e-book. Users don’t have to scroll the screen vertically.
  • Proper Layout: Layout shouldn’t be like a desktop. It has to simple and readable.
  • Proper Branding With Website: There have to be similarities between Desktop websites and Mobile websites. Like you need to keep similar icon, logos etc.
  • Less use of Flash or Java: You have to keep that in mind that mobile users don’t like any distractions while surfing. So your mobile site should be devoid of Flash or JAVA elements.
  • Avoid Using Pop-Up Windows: Pop-Ups are really annoying for visitors. Sometimes people just ignore your website due to the use of pop-ups, so be careful about that.
  • Use Mobile Redirects: Ensure that mobile website visitors are redirecting to your mobile version of website. For example: Suppose someone is searching for in google then the visitor will hit the version of your website. So the mobile version of your website site made a subdomain called “m”.

Difference Between Regular & Mobile Websites

  • We all have the conception that a mobile website is just a smaller version of a desktop website, but actually it’s not. It will take you to an another platform where almost everything you will get by your fingers without using a mouse.
  • You will get a useful option of Click To Call Options. So you can understand that how easy it would be for your customers to call to your given no.
  • All the images, graphics, etc will be easily accessible for users as these elements will be optimised for mobiles also.
  • Location Feature will help your customers to get your address more easily.



Now Getting Into The Technical Part



Components needed to design a mobile optimised website

  • Use Meta Viewer Tag: This tag incorporates how a website will be displayed in a mobile screen. Without this tag websites will fail to appear in mobile view and only show you desktop version which will be pathetic for mobile viewers.
  • Use Modernizr: It also has some unique features. It is a JavaScript library that tells you which HTML5 and CSS3 feature your visitor’s web browser supports.
  • Use Touchswipe: This is a simple J-Query plugin that mostly needed for input devices such as Ipad, Mobile Phones etc.
  • Use Beautiful ICONS: A beautiful ICON can reflect your thoughts. So to make your mobile website less crowded use conventional ICONS to avoid writing unnecessary words.
  • Take The Advantages Of Bootstrap: A good mobile website can’t be made without frameworks like This kind of framework will allow you to create perfect design and layout which is most important. But before diving into Bootstrap gain some knowledge about HTML, CSS and Java Script.
  •  You can Use Foundation 3 Also: This is also a popular advanced responsive Front-end Framework. By this you can do more customization in your mobile websites like removing Icons or certain elements, can change colours and font etc.
  • Use Skeleton For Minimal Customization: You can use this simple framework as per your requirements. You can customise some standard HTML elements with it. If you are having smaller projects you can definitely go for it.
  • USE COMPRESSION TOOLS: To reduce the loading time of your mobile web page you can use several     HTML Compressor tools or Gzip. These will remove unnecessary comments and spaces from your web page.You can do some CSS tweaks by using CSS minifier and CSS Compressor. You can reduce the size of the images also. We all know that images or videos can create a great impact on human mind. So it is important to place images properly in your web pages. You will find many image compression tools to reduce the size of images without compromising the quality like EWWW Image Optimizer,, optiPNG etc.
  • Use Correct Fonts: To make your site more attractive you should choose your fonts carefully. Try to keep the font size large and clear so that viewers can see your messages or contents properly. Don’t use a stylish font in paragraphs. This way your contents can engage your viewers.


What Google Webmaster Can Do for your Mobile Website?



After optimising your website for mobile devices, the first thing you need to do is to integrate your website to google webmaster tool. Webmaster Tool can help you in many ways like –


  • You can check that your website is mobile-friendly or not by using the mobile-friendly option of webmaster tool.
  • Google webmaster tells you to configure the redirection method properly. Like many mobile website owners divert their visitors directly to their desktop website which is totally wrong.  You can also check the Crawl Errors in your website from google webmaster tool.
  • You can also control Robots.txt files from google webmaster tool.
  • You will have to use PageSpeed Insights tool option also of webmaster tool to check the loading speed of your web page.


The mobile world continuously changing and you have to compete with this fast-paced digital world. So to grow your business or to increase traffic to your website or blog you should create a perfectly optimised mobile version of your website or blog.


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