Rankbrain Google Algorithm : How important for SERP rankings?


What is the Google RankBrain algorithm update & how does it work? How does this machine learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) affect generating search results?

Google’s research into machine learning is nothing new. It is likely the updates such as Panda and Hummingbird also use elements of machine learning too, but Google maintains freely that RankBrain is the only ranking signal to do as such.

Google’s objective is to consistently differentiate and enhance its administration. Though RankBrain is a valuable method of Google, focusing on the investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is Google RankBrain?

RankBrain is not Like another google updates or algorithm. It is just another rank signal which leads to the algorithm. This signal crawls every web pages related to every possible search query and it has the power to anticipate connections between and among different words or phrases, so that the algorithms used provide the best possible outcomes for users. It is also useful for individuals who are searching for unique or uncommon words and phrases, as the engine can easily interpret the thought of the user that what exactly the user is in need of.


A Quick Look On RankBrain

  • RankBrain exclusively works by knowing how to understand “Longtail Keyword” search queries and then translating its interpretations to give appropriate search results for users.
  • Google has already claimed that RankBrain is the third most important signal that change results of search queries.
  • It is stated that RankBrain Signal is the only signal that uses machine learning almost like Artificial Intelligence


Importance Of RankBrain Signals For SERP Rankings


Google now has his own brain that works almost like human and it is called Google RankBrain. Though It is not able to think though who knows the future! Anything can happen in the world of science.

Google uses many ranking factors. Mostly they are divided into 4 ways.

On Page Factors – To get the good position in google you have to perfectly optimise Page Title Tags, URL, Content Of the Page, Image Alt Text etc.

Off Page Factors – off-page Factors deals with building links to your site. This is how you get into the top spots of the google search engine results. Your ranking will vary with the number of inbound links to your site, the quality of the links to your site, how to use anchor text etc.

Domain Authority Factors – Domain Authority is a score calculated by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on google search engines.

RankBrain has a special ability to self-learn by forming new associations, interpretations, and perspectives. This algorithm allows it to better understand complex searches and how they relate to topics.


3 Main Benefits of RankBrain


  • Google will be able to handle complex search queries like multi-word queries which is known as “long-tail” queries. The RankBrain AI will effectively interpret and convert those queries in order to find and display the most appropriate results for the searcher
  • Google will be able to hand uncertain Searches. RankBrain is able to deliver relevant results for ambiguous searches because it can form relations and make sense of the queries, and then answer smartly based on what it knows thus far.
  • Google search results would be more accurate. RankBrain has consistently improving day by day. To consider understanding and interpreting search queries RankBrain will play an important role.


How Does RankBrain Work?


RankBrain’s major purpose is to analyse search queries from Google in order to recognise specific pages that may not contain the exact words contained in the query. RankBrain’s goal is to allow users to find pages that may not necessarily match their exact queries but are nonetheless relevant.

Google has corrected this over the years, and these days’ plurals are just a variant of the singular, just as the word “reading” is a variant of “read”.

Google has enabled users to find pages that don’t match their exact search terms for a long time, but that wasn’t always the case. Before some years, a search query containing the keyword “car” may not have tossed up pages containing the plural “cars”.

Concepts can now also be told apart to a certain degree, which means that Google knows the difference between Apple’s technology and the fruit, and is able to determine which of the two users are searching for based on its own analytics.

Searching will be more interesting now, like if you try searching for a phrase like “Who was the first to fly a plane??” and you’re likely to receive the answer like Orville and Wilbur Wright ln December 1903, even without ever mentioning his name in your query.

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