How to write SEO friendly content in your blog or website?

The good quality web content contains two main features i.e user- friendly content and SEO- friendly content. The two features are equally important to the aspect of web content writing for getting success in World Wide Web world. The both aspects function evenly expletive to each other. But the intention of the both features is to generate traffic to the website. These are important tools to make the site trustworthy by returning the visitors.

The user-friendly content and SEO-friendly content are the complementary to each other. Instead of user-friendly, the site will not get any priority on the search engine without concentration of SEO touch. Ultimately an emptiness of the audience will be created by investing lots of efforts. In other hand it also creates a vacuum if the site is properly SEO directed but not user-friendly. The audience will not like the content according to their demands and a gap in traffic generation still persists.

Fresh and Unique blog content

The effective SEO efforts are the vital factor to be ranked higher in the search results. It is quite important truth on web prospect that “Quality always triumphs over Quantity.” So always put the concentration on the energy to create fresh and unique content for the audience. The visitors will automatically be attracted to the relevant content.

The satisfied audience is the valuable part of the website. The satisfied audience can popularize and patronize the site by giving their homage to the SEO efforts. The content which already has the existence on the web creates reverse impact on the readers. Always present the unique and creative contents with proper keyword analysis for the onlookers. The process helps to increase the visibility in search engine and the visitors also like to share the fresh and unparalleled content to the social media to spread the popularity.

Valuable research work

Make a SEO friendly research work to start writing content. The research provides supports to know the uniqueness of the content. A valuable research acts a major role to engage the visitor with love to the content and they will share is to their friends through social media sites. The unique and fresh contents are privileged by the search engine on SERPs to get high page rank. SEO friendly content research ensures that the content written by you are not writing anyone else. Because, duplicate or spun writing can not be allowed on the web.

Responsive title in your page

The appropriate title is one of the main characteristic in the effective SEO effort. A meaningful and effective title plays an important role for achieving excellent ranking in the search engine result. It is also effective to create exclusive impression to the readers. The keywords or key phrases can be put in the post title. The density of the keywords should not exceed more than 3% of word count of a content. As a whole, the title must be different from others to overcome the market competition and drive traffics to the site or blog.

Application of Image and bullet-numbering

An image carries lots of messages than words. So, related and relevant images attract the visitors to the site or blog. In the presence of plain text image brings an additional dimension to create more impression. The appropriate image is important factor for the content. So, to create the content more SEO friendly, try to use content related image on the site.

The image may contain photographs, graphs, slide decks, charts or video also. Don’t forget to optimize the image by relevant keywords to get more clicks. The visitors love to share original snaps except the stock pictures and the back links can be achieved from the image. The heading and subheading is the part of SEO friendly content with proper application of bullet or numbering. It looks more user-friendly and decorative.

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