SEO tips and tricks on interlinking your Blog content for better ranking in Google

SEO tips and tricks

Google is flooded with the SEO tips and tricks as the essential must-do for your website ranking. To improve your website position, you may scan and implement with the latest algorithm update or complicated traffic audit. You are correctly monitoring the analytics data, fearing if the devil is in the detail and that impacts on the website. But focussing on the major issues related to search engine optimization tips, you may have missed few important SEO tips for your blog.

One of these critical and fundamental overlook factors of SEO tips and tricks is internal linking among the content.

Just consider your website as a big mansion, and every page is a single room. Internal linking is the short-cut doorway from one room to others. Internal linking is very efficient for the traffic to navigate from one room to other with proper information at the right time and space. If you already have many pages on your website or blog, why don’t you take the advantage of internal linking? But unfortunately, many people don’t follow or overlook the basic SEO tips and tricks.

What’s Internal linking?

Those who don’t know – internal linking is the process of connecting another page of the same website.

For example, we may talk about content marketing on an article. Through the course of a discussion, we have to put the reference to SEO strategies in the content. As I have mentioned the phrase, ‘SEO strategies”, we can link the phrase to another page, discussing SEO strategy.

The best example of interlinking is Wikipedia. Here you can find out relevant links to other pages of Wikipedia.

Evolution of Inter-linking for SEO

Since last few years, the internal linking process keeps on changing radically. It is not only to drive the traffic to another page by linking with the keywords; the process becomes refined to drive the traffic efficiently. Rather than linking with the single keywords, bloggers are mentioning a long phrase or a guide for any solution as interlinking bait.

These simple, efficient, high quality and user-friendly interlinking are more useful for the traffic to understand the information and simultaneously bloggers will serve the purpose. Along with the SEO strategy of 2017 this interlinking holds an important aspect of SEO tips and tricks.


How Many interlinks should I have?

There is no hard and fast rule, but yes, you have to be very natural while linking. Neil Patel, in his blog, has used almost 15 internal links in his 2000 words content. But there is no compulsion in the digit. Having the link in the content tells Google about the trust on your content. It will help the readers to stay on the site with more relevant information. Naturally the engagement of the reader’s increases.


What should be in mind when interlinking?

  • Ensure that the linked keywords of your content follow the natural flow of writing style.
  • Distribute the linking keywords all over the content
  • Not only keywords, but you can also interlink the whole phrase. That’s even better to convey the full sense.
  • Don’t spam with keyword oriented links


Why interlinking matters?

  • With multiple changes of SEO techniques so frequently, interlinking will serve many purposes at a time. Google crawlers will navigate the site from one page to other with the interlinking. It makes the Google bots to index your page much faster. Your site will have the better rank in SERP result.
  • Internal linking are a good strategy for earning a backlink to other pages of the website. You must follow a proper interlinking strategy on your content. It will assist your site to reap the benefit of backlinking.
  • With your internal link distribution, the “link juice” will be shared appropriately among the pages of your website. It will make the individual page stronger

  • Anchor text and internal linking will improve the value of your content and the readers are satisfied with the complete information. It will also cause sharing and engage the readers with your web page content.


Actionable SEO tips and tricks on how you should use internal linking?

Now you must have the fair idea about the importance of internal linking. But you must understand the proper usage of internal linking to drive the traffic successfully. Here are some useful tips –

  1. Internal link must be with more content –

If you are writing 4000 words on Twitter marketing and interlinking the phrases inside it, choose your linking words carefully. You don’t need to link “contact us.”  Instead of that, you can interlink ” proper usage of a hashtag and its effectiveness.” Readers who are not aware of hashtag correct usage of click on the phrase and read your another article on the same. It will keep them engage.

So ensure, the page you are guiding by interlinking should have enough content and information to engage the readers. On the contrary, pages with light content will waste your link juice. Always keep in mind that, pages with valuable content are the successful destination for the interlinking.


  1. Make your anchor text descriptive –

The role of the anchor text is critical for the interlinking purpose. So keep that little descriptive to convey the full meaning to the readers.

For example – “According to the Hubspot report on Artificial Intelligence 2017…”

“According to the Report in 2017…”

In the first case, the anchor text is more powerful than the second one. It conveys the complete information with the source information. For the best result, always try to make anchor text to explain in short.

  1. Internal link audit and update –

If you are consistently updating the information on your blog, you have to keep in mind about the update of the internal links. Ensure that internal links are not driving your readers to the backdated content. For the same, keep on auditing your internal link after a certain interval and update them accordingly. In the mean time, if you have updated any new content, you have to add new anchor text with internal linking.

  1. Linking with multiple pages –

As per Neil Patel, you must have to link four articles with every new post. It will certainly improve the ‘Freshness value’ of the content and help to rank better in SERP result.

Here I mention another diagram from Moz to understand the freshness of the content of your blog.

Hope, you can have a better idea now to understand and develop interlinking inside your content. It will surely guide you to rank better in the search engine.

Good Luck!


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