What are the strategies you want to take to increase your Facebook fan page likes from 0 to 1000 in 31 days?

Facebook fan page likes increment is initially the top priority for the Facebook marketing experts. Though the real credit comes later with the engagement of the Facebook audience with the content, you have posted. But that is the second stage. After all, until you have the decent number of audience on your Facebook page, how the Facebook users will value your page?

So when you are starting a Facebook fan page for business, your initial challenge is to increase the numbers of the fan.

When you have to increase Facebook fan page likes, you have two options – 1. you can pay to Facebook to increase your fanbase  2. you must try organically to improve the numbers.

The first process is faster than the second, but you have to pay to Facebook for a page-like campaign.  If you are starting a business, you may be little calculative on the budget. So let’s try the organic process.

Here you go to start the process from the scratch –

Invite your friends –

This is the easiest process to start with some fans. You can share the Facebook page like to the Facebook friends list. I am sure that out of 500 friends 50 will surely increase your Facebook fan page likes.  Here you can check the screenshot to start the process –

Facebook fan page likes

Though I am not gender bias but from my personal experience, I find that girls request on social media to like the page is taken more seriously rather than boys.

Here is another way. You can send the request to the mail id of your friends. You can send till 5000 email buddies to like your page. Don’t worry. Facebook will not store your password. If you manage to send 2000 email ids, you can earn, 200 likes. Here you can find the screenshot –

Facebook fan page likes

Share valuable content –

Here comes the most important aspect to increasing Facebook page likes. Your content on the page should be entertaining and informative. The more shareable it will be, the more you can reach to your audience.  You must visit similar pages for content planning. It should be a mixture of all – motivational, informative, comic. You must have to try various format of content – video, image or link. There is no sure formula for success, but you have to keep trying all the steps to improve content quality and engagement of the audience.

Don’t miss the trends –

When you are planning for content, you have to select the most burning topic on the internet. So trends are crucial for you to decide the context. You can find Facebook trends on the top right side of your user profile. Use them wisely. But don’t forget to use the right hashtag (#) to increase the searchability of the content.

Facebook trends

Ignoring Facebook group is not advisable –

Whatever content you are posting on your page, must share on the groups of similar interests. It increases the virality of your post content and helps to gain more traffic on your page. The organic likes will increase automatically.


Page Design –

Facebook page cover banner and profile picture are important enough to draw audience attention. If your page is decorated with high quality and creative images, the audience will have a better impression of the brand.  Though they don’t have the direct result for page likes still you must not ignore that.

Paid Option –

If you are little liberal about the budget of the Facebook page. You can run a page-like campaign to increase the audience. It does not cost you much. You can stop the campaign whenever you feel that it exceeds the budget.

You just need to decide the objective of your paid campaign. In this context, it is brand awareness.  You can set up the campaign and input the necessary data.

For my suggestion, don’t go for the paid campaign at the beginning. Start with the organic tactics, as I have discussed. I am sure if the process has been practised consistently, you can earn good amount of Facebook fan in 31 days. Let’s go for the challenge!


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