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Reputation is most important thing in any business or organisation. Thanks to Twitter, this helps us to accomplish in maintaining our brand value in the Digital Marketing World. I personally feel twitter marketing is the best strategy as it allows us to directly connect with other marketers. This microblogging platform has really turned into a powerful tool for the business owner. There are many social media platform having a huge amount of traffic but among them, twitter has the unique feature to connect with like-minded people without having them in your friend list and that is truly great for small businesses also.

Why Twitter Marketing Strategy Is Important For Every Business

I will be honest that I was not fond of twitter at the beginning of my career but gradually my viewpoint shifted to its positive sides. I believe Twitter is not just a social media platform, it’s an online marketing tool which helps. You can get instant messages from friends, colleagues even unknown person who has the similar interest.

Some Important facts of Twitter Marketing

  • There are almost 300M Monthly Active User
  • Approximately 1.5 billion accounts have been created.
  • Around 30% of US Social Media user regularly use twitter.
  • 65% of US companies use twitter as a major marketing tool.
  • According to report famous singer Katy Perry is the most followed profile in twitter.

Biggest Mistakes We Make In Twitter Marketing

Though Twitter is a superb tool to connect like-minded people and grow the number of your connections though but there are proofs of failing also.

Don’t Tweet Like a Selling Pitch

Almost all the newbie marketers make this mistake. Their tweets sound like a one-way conversation or they want to promote something. Twitter provides a vast platform to connect and share your brand with a larger community. So don’t just bound yourself in promotional tweeting, try to get into the conversation with the people with similar interests. To keep your individuality keep sharing infographics, relevant GiFs, Image, Statistics etc.

Not Checking The Twitter Analytics


twitter analysis


Always take some action after tweeting. If you click on your tweet there will be an option called “Activity”. You can get the information of how many impressions your tweet got, how many likes and retweet has been done.

Not Following The Current Trend




Following the current trend will surely give you extra value to your tweet. This technique will give you unrestricted opportunities to connect with a huge number of people. Think out of the box and connect your tweet with trending topics whether it’s related to sports, movies or anything else to get highlighted in twitter.


Not Paying Attention to Hashtags



I hope nobody needs an introduction of Hashtag (#), though we don’t use it effectively. It helps you to get into the conversation on which topic you are interested in. You should use Hashtags in such a way that if a person searches a keyword, your tweet should be highlighted in the upper position. Though using excessive hashtags don’t look good. For business purpose using two hashtags is enough.

Master Techniques of connecting Wider Audiences

Research On Your Target Audience

You need to be pin sharp in choosing right audience for your business. People who are dealing with the same topic as you do definitely get involve with you in different ways, but finding those people could be a critical task. Whether you are running a campaign or you want to grow your business you need to remember these things.

  • Target relevant followers
  • Target people with same interest
  • Research about Hashtags.
  • Location wise targeting
  • Mostly used devices (mobile, desktop etc.)


Choose Relevant Media Format

For any social media platform content is the rocket fuel. Many marketers spend a lot of time for perfect presentation but finally, they end with same outcomes. To stay on the top your contents need to be perfectly optimised and your tweet should touch the sentiment of others in a positive way. You can use various media format to make your tweet more lucrative.

Adding emoji will make your tweet stand out of others.


twitter emoji


Adding Gif images always create magic and increase engagement.

Use images with proper size and taglines. Images should be visually rich and headline and summary should be visible properly.

Share your YouTube Video is another killer twitter marketing strategy.

Be careful about competitors

Things Go Better With Competition

Any good online marketing strategy includes competitor analysis. Monitoring what competitors are doing is a tricky task. There are so many free and paid tools to analyse competitors. I am giving you some of the important factors to defeat your competitors.

  • Use profitable keywords or hashtags in your tweet.
  • Use Twitter advanced search option. By searching a keyword you can discover what strategies your competitor are following and how they growing the connections.
  • You can take the help of online tools like Social Mention, Twitter Grader, Tweet Reach etc. These useful tools help you to analyse keywords from different social platforms.

Check out the length of tweet

Bridge the Gap With Short Tweet

The length of a tweet is another notable thing in twitter marketing. Remember twitter doesn’t count photos, videos and interesting thing is that the popular tweets are shorter in length (within 100 characters). It has higher conversion rate than others.

Connect with followers and don’t ignore feedback

 The first Impression Defines Your Class

Don’t try to automate everything. Your professionalism will depend on how you are approaching others and taking the criticism in a right way. Address people by their name and try to make the individual connection with your followers. There is no offence to ask your followers to retweet or like your tweet. Look at their engagements and their tweets. You will get much useful information, starting with different articles to events etc just by keep an eye on them.


This a cold, hard fact that Twitter marketing is the trump card of many online businesses. You will uncover many secrets after using these methods.

So Let’s do profit-pulling tweets and drive masses.


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