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Howdy folks! it is always expected to get a good surprise with the new year new trends but simultaneously, it is also important to be accustomed to the new trend for self-improvement. The same is applicable to the world of digital marketing. The upcoming era is more focused on the fresh content, device-specific strategy and the presentation to magnet more readers for more conversion.Anticipating new trends of content marketing strategy will be always the advantage for the marketers to update their editorial calendar. Here you go with the list –

  1. Content marketing strategy is improving –

The good news is that content marketing strategy is more effective than ever before and growing day-by-day. Through a research, it has been found out that 62% B2B marketers are more effective than past years through their content marketing strategy and the same incidents happen for 63% B2C marketers. 30% of marketers agree that content marketing plan is surely effective to generate more leads for their business.

So in major cases of feedback, you don’t have the alternative option of inbound marketing to promote your business.

But on the back side of the coin is that you require to put more resources for your business for content development and side by side need more research work for more supportive data for content credibility.

2. Mobile friendly content:

Mobile plays a major role in content access and circulation. if you search your analytics, you can find that traffic from mobile surpasses the growth rate rather than desktop. So the internet has become more friendly with your mobile device and your content must be optimized accordingly.

If you check the statistics, you find out how mobile subscription has already surpassed the population of the world. The more it grows the more hit you receive. Be prepare for it in coming years.

If you are a local business, mobile becomes an indispensable mode of marketing for you. Mostly people search for the best restaurants near me or best place to hang out in my city in their mobile more than their desktop device.

How to optimise your site for mobile just in 15 minutes?

  1. Facebook holds the Lion’s Share

Still today, Facebook not only dominates the social media market share but it proves its effectiveness in content sharing platform. Whether you have the new blog or you have shot a new video or you have excellently captured a beautiful picture, Facebook is your best online assistant to make your creation more viral in the web world. It is the mammoth online media for content consumption, sharing and discovery.

Facebook instant article is a revolutionary platform for content publisher to share their content faster on the mobile device.

How to use Facebook Instant share feature to gain more traffic fast.

  1. Visual Content is the magnet

Visual content plays an incredible role in the content marketing strategy. It saves more time of the readers and infuses more information with visual representation. If you have images, you can put an effect on them without being an expert designer. You just need to sign up to Canava or Stencil account to amplify your images with more effects.

The images have been transformed into a gif, information is upgraded to infographic for more engagement of the readers. The latest addition of infographics makes the content marketing more interesting.

It requires more creativity and little designing skill to add content in the pictorial form inside the content. Here is how gifographic content works better.

How to create Gif, A step-by-step guide.

  1. Video content increases:

Video content has become the new trends in content marketing. Not only Youtube, Facebook live streaming is also playing a big role in the virality of the video content. It has become such a megatrend that many social media has upgraded themselves to share video content.

It is almost predicted that video content is the future of the content marketing by 2020.

Key take out –

Content marketing strategy has become the most important marketing moves for brands. They are effectively increasing brand experience in various format. It is the high time to update your content editorial calendar accordingly.

The trend is already in the motion. Here is the battle of the survival of the content marketers to embrace the change and evolution to the next level.

Good Luck!


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