Unlock 3 top SEO strategy for 2017: Rank on Google 1st page

SEO strategy for 2017

Hola! Are you still searching for the top SEO strategy for 2017? I know. Being a digital marketer, we have the nose of smelling new update on SEO marketing plan in 2017. Without much of introduction, let’s hammer to the core point – How to improve SEO marketing plan in 2017 and rank better.


  1. SEO strategy for 2017: Understand the search trends –


SERP features rises to a great extend. Google is displaying various types of data and mark up sign on the result and your ranking is determined on those factors as top SEO tips for 2017. As per keyword explorer, there are 17 recorded featured but there are 7 or 8 more features which are still cannot be recorded as the ranking factor. If you use Keyword Explorer tool you can clearly identify the difficulty and the opportunity of the keywords to work with.



On the basis of the potential of the keyword, you can find the sweet spot of using the keyword for better ranking.

The instant answer feature of Google is one of the best SEO techniques to find out the search queries. Featured snippet of a particular webpage will take out the key information of the query that you put on Google and naturally, that draw maximum traffic. Don’t ignore that query in your SEO strategy for 2017 because that also generate lot of traffic.


So next time when your content is providing solution to any search use the featured snippet in your content for better ranking.

Google Updates on SEO strategy for 2017

While developing SEO strategy for 2017, you cannot ignore the Google updates like Hummingbird. It started working with the content strategy as per the search query and simultaneously RankBrain is also equally effective to rank your content. It does not mean that you will remove the keywords from your content but you must understand what people type in the search box and that small variation of the conventional keywords can be superbly effective to rank your web page.

User experience in multi-device and page speed harbor a major priority for the page rank. So mobile and desktop speed checking and fixing the necessary details are necessary for better user experience.

You can use Google Testmysite tool for this purpose. Even Google has takes strict decision on page over lay and pop up. The sites are penalized. Ofcourse, you have to create an SEO strategy for the users’ engagement but ensure that it would not spoil the readers’ experience with the page.



Voice search is the new trend for net surfer. Exactly, you cannot trace it now and define the trend. But in the near future, voice search will be considerable trend for the search engine. Accordingly, the content planning will be modified.

Machine starts learning deep for the search of resourceful content on your website and the blog. The automation process will understand the depth of the link and keywords searches in to the content.

Being a digital marketer, you have go through the journey of the buyers. This multi-level exploration of the buyers habit can assist you to predict the trend. A smart marketer is always a good trend predictor and he always equips himself for the upcoming demands.


  1. Your organization structure:

Your organization is goal is important for starting SEO campaign. You need to priotize the mission first and accordingly, you must implement the SEO strategies.

  • Increase revenue and acquire new more customers
  • Lowering your cost to make it more profitable
  • Improve upsell and existing customers increase purchase


  1. Create a keyword content strategy

Before starting your content planning, be very careful about the keyword selection. If you are checking the keyword selection of a famous and engaging content, you will be surprised. The famous blogs or sites already have the highest rank and domain authority. So their content have the better chance to get ranked higher easily. For the newbie bloggers and site owners do not have that luxury you have to dependent on the proper keyword strategy to rank

You can use Google keyword tool, MOZ tool or SEMrush for keyword competition checking opportunity to rank better.

Hope these three tips will enrich your SEO strategy. You also need to analyse competitor strategy beat them in SEO plan.

How to beat your competitor with SEO strategy.





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