Unlock the secret of Content Marketing Gif images

It’s much easier to consume the visual image than to read something.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (American poet)

In everyday life, you may find or download hundreds of pdf, gif, images or infographics. Being an internet marketer, your experienced eyes must understand the requirement and utility of those visual arts for more engagements. You already know it. Right? But rather than using the visuals for the sake of it, you must know which visual should be used where for more impact on the content. Content marketing gif is the unique idea to drive traffic on your site and increase engagement.

Being a business owner or a digital marketer, you have to be aware of visual branding opportunity inside your content. It makes your content more alive and repels the monotony of constant serious flow of the words.

Here we will discuss the animated Content marketing gif, infographic and the new, upcoming trend of content with the mix of both – gifographic.

The benefits of Content Marketing Gif to the marketers –

Content marketing gif is very cool. They are funny and impressive. They help to remember the content information in an effective way. How can a marketer use gif more effectively?

More meaning in less time –

Gif is the moving image. You can club a series of images in a single gif. So you can narrate a small story within few seconds of the reader’s attention. It is the alternative of a video. Creating a video will ask more expertise. You have to create a good story line, shoot with proper equipment, post production rectification and then publish the same.

Animates gifs are the hybrid of an image and the video – a living image. It claims less of a readers time to tell you the context.

Creative way of Call-to-action –

Animated gifs are very effective to guide the eyes of the readers.  Without being unobtrusive with the flow of the content they can support the essence of the context with the visuals. Even you can highlight the particular feature of the product by zooming it in the gif. It creates more impact among the readers about the key benefits of the product or the service.

Gif will create emotional impact –

With the serious flow of the content, if you want to relax the readers with the comic relief, there is nothing like gif. You can find out eminent personality expression on various mood and ensure it perfectly fit with the emotion you want to evoke in the content. It creates immediate impacts in the readers and increases the engagement with the content for the longer time.

Some animated gif examples in the field of marketing –

  • Jive software service shows animated gif on the homepage main banner. The motion part of the banner holds the attention. It creates a business environment with the image theme and movements.
  • Borden started a promotion with 25% offer

[WPGP gif_id=”1075″ width=”600″]

  • Bonobos promoted their apparels in a creative way

[WPGP gif_id=”1078″ width=”600″]

  • Check interesting email campaign banner of Color Chameleon

[WPGP gif_id=”1080″ width=”600″]

  • Dogfish showcased their production interestingly through animated gif.

[WPGP gif_id=”1082″ width=”600″]

[WPGP gif_id=”1084″ width=”600″]

What is the next level?

Content marketing gif has been already flooded social media with a variety of expressions. The trend has been modified with a new idea. It has combined gif and infographic together. The new breed comes with an amazing impact. It’s called gifographic. You already know infographic. Right? It is the next version where gif and infographic are clubbed together.

For gifographic, you need to create a story board first on the mobile content and implement the same with a proper gif. The good news is that this trend is still almost virgin to explore. It consists enough promise of engagement of the visitors in the near future.

Know how to create gif image without designing knowledge.

Here you can find few examples of gifography to understand the concept and its utility –

[WPGP gif_id=”1058″ width=”600″]

[WPGP gif_id=”1060″ width=”600″]

[WPGP gif_id=”1062″ width=”600″]

Hope this small article will help you to understand the power of gif in the competitive arena of content marketing.  You can free download gif images from Giphy. Just try it for once and you can see the variation. For any queries, drop the comment.

Good Luck!


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