YouTube Live Streaming On Mobile That Will Pay You Money : Most Controversial Feature

How do you go live on youtube?

Hello! YouTube Lovers, there is an exciting news for you. YouTube the giant video platform announces that YouTube users now can instantly publish and share their videos online with the help of mobile YouTube application. Billions of people will get the chance to interact with others by this YouTube mobile streaming feature.

Though Youtube Live streaming feature is not new. In 2011 Youtube has launched this feature, but the streaming was limited to the desktop computer only. Even Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has already launched the same feature and constantly trying to add more options with the possibilities of earnings. But now Youtube is also participating in the race. Now YouTube has decided to launch the live-stream feature from mobiles for users who have more than 10,000 subscribers on their channels. There is also a scope that they will provide this option to all YouTube lovers soon.

Last year, Youtube gave live streaming access to some renowned YouTube channel owners. While the company is running on making unique content to battle with video services like Netflix. So it is clear that live streaming will put YouTube in direct contest with Facebook.

Some Unique Features of Mobile YouTube Live Streaming Video

You don’t need any separate app, you can start live streaming from the official Youtube mobile app direct.
The updated YouTube app will equip with a big red button at the corner, you have to just click on that and streaming will start.
You can chat with your fan directly while filming live video.


Why It’s Different:

Super Chat (It Will Pay)

super chat


Nothing wrong with making money.            Adam Levine

This is really out of the box idea. During the live-streaming, you will see some comments will be highlighted r pinned to the top of the window. This is because those commenters have given some amount of charges to youtube to display their messages on the screen. So their names will get focus and other people will know your name. The amount of money will decide the duration of the comments, colour of the Superchat, maximum length.


How to Activate Superchat


Step 1. Before starting super chat your mobile has to be in portrait mode and live chat option should be visible. You will find a dollar sign ($) at the corner of the screen.

Step 2. Then choose to SEND A SUPER CHAT.

Step 3. Then you will be asked to select the amount. You can type or drag and choose how much you want to pay.

Step 4. Then you will get the option to send the messages.

Step 5. Select BUY AND SEND option.


With the thought that YouTube’s algorithm is now favouring channels and videos that encourage viewers to expend more time on the site, live-streaming is another unique technique YouTube is encouraging people to create a more lengthy video to stay ahead in the race.



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